using marginalized identites to shield oppressive institutions 

@polymerwitch so, I'm thinking about an analogous(?) problem in copyright

Copyright is, at best, a hack to let professional artists exist under capitalism, and all too often not even that

So I don't "support" copyright, but when Disney tries to reneg on paying Alan Dean Foster, I'm still going hard for him & his & all the other minor artists owed their pound of flesh

I don't think too badly of copypirates and nab some disney stuff for myself now and again, but when pirates act like illegally copying things is striking a blow against The Man, well

I don't take them very seriously -- remember what The Man did to, when it looked like it might be an actual threat? -- and sometimes I suspect they are at odds with actual artists!

I think even valid criticism of Facebook gets weird and victim blamey in a similar way sometimes

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