i don't disagree that facebook is a hellsite but this is a bad take on what friendship means

i do have friends across the world, they're people i talk to every day & share my life with. some i used to know irl, some of them i met online. i have friends that i met in person for the first time at my wedding, & they absolutely deserved to be there

by all means drop shallow friendships & delete facebook but let's not pretend honest, real friendship can't happen online


I’m not pretending. And I don’t believe it can. If you feel differently, fine, but perhaps friendships mean different things to different people.

@wion I happen to be familiar with some disabled people whose friends are all online because that's the only way they *can* make friends, because they can't talk, or they physically can't leave their house

Consider the likelihood that your words will be read by such a person, and what effect they will have


There’s no other way to have such friendships than by Facebook? This is the real point.


@wion then say that, instead of denigrating online friendships

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