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I have difficulty inferring people's boundaries from context or social cues. I expect to always have problems with this, even if I get better at mitigation.

If this means we can't be friends, no hard feelings.

But if you are forward about your boundaries, I'll appreciate that.

I am still learning when and how to ask about boundaries in a way that isn't presumptuous. I often get it wrong when I'm distracted by interesting conversation.

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@LogicalDash I'm just mumbling "yeah, he's the kinda ____ " in a bad Jersey accent to try to find options:



Non-gender-coded analogue to "guy" as in "type of guy"

"type of person" doesn't mean the same thing. Somehow

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Money, help needed, please boost 

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honestly the best argument that foss is leftist is that GNU Hurd started in 1990 and still hasn’t finished their OS

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Cognitive Science 988
Put Me In Mind: Cognitive Science Themes

Brevity may be the soul of wit, but the failure mode of wit is asshole

Now that I've disabled google assistant, how do I map the long press menu button to something else?

Philosophy Muse was funnier when it was Philosoraptor

i just want to play a visual novel that will teach me everything i need to know about human interaction is that to o much to ask

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