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Released version 0.9

Late for ProcJam, but actually I'm not sure itch will let me submit it a second time?

I haven't packaged it standalone yet, and may never, since I still haven't put together a tutorial for the graphical frontend. There's one for the Python interface, though

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I'm looking for .

I'm a developer with experience in QA Automation using .

Mostly looking in the area, but would relocate for the right .

Contact email:

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when that iterator yields just right :chef_kiss:

Boxes are both socially and cardboard constructed

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Ableist language, left organizing, sort of a take Show more

It would suck if I got actually trapped in a fortune cookie factory, because everyone would think it was a meme

I wonder how important a browser frontend actually is to the uptake of LiSE

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Wishing somebody would write "Type Systems for People Who Probably Shouldn't Spend Much Time Learning About Them But Want to Understand Some of that Enigmatic Gibberish"

Would order it from the library.

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Feeling like all my work on LiSE doesn't amount to much

Good morning world

Time to put substances into my body

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