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I have difficulty inferring people's boundaries from context or social cues. I expect to always have problems with this, even if I get better at mitigation.

If this means we can't be friends, no hard feelings.

But if you are forward about your boundaries, I'll appreciate that.

I am still learning when and how to ask about boundaries in a way that isn't presumptuous. I often get it wrong when I'm distracted by interesting conversation.

i ordered an extra large pokeh bowl and ate it but i'm still hungry

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Looking for Work :boost_requested: 

Hi all! I'm looking for junior-level work in #software / #game development, linux admin, or anything related. I have worked with #rust on librsvg in #outreachy and have written my own websites! I studied media in university so I can make videos and know a lot of AR/VR theory and design! I've also written C#, Java, Python, and Shell scripts

Need remote work, central US-based, travel (post-Covid) is great!

(sorry for the hashtag spam)
#Jobs #Job #remotejobs

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I am overjoyed to announce that I'm joining the Video Game History Foundation as their new library director!

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crowdfunding, Help a black trans woman save her finger

"Since then i have not regained mobility in my finger, it keeps me incapacitated and it is still painfully, due to my economic situation which have been precarious since a while now i have to be living in motels, shelters or homeless.

I am asking for help to be able to pay rehabilitation therapy, and cover my expenses such as housing, food and medication."

I wish for a second genie bound by the same terms as your original contract

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Can cheese be dank?


Autistic person here

Empathy isn't that basic ofa function of the human brain

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Tess is ill and in a lot of pain, and I'm in a lot of pain, neither of us can move very far, and we're both sharing the walking stick lol. We still need food tho, will draw for foods

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lol whats the deal with the inexorable march of time amirite

a messianic myth that is critical of itself is still a messianic myth and it's ok to say "maybe we shouldn't tell these stories anymore"

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