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I have difficulty inferring people's boundaries from context or social cues. I expect to always have problems with this, even if I get better at mitigation.

If this means we can't be friends, no hard feelings.

But if you are forward about your boundaries, I'll appreciate that.

I am still learning when and how to ask about boundaries in a way that isn't presumptuous. I often get it wrong when I'm distracted by interesting conversation.

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Released version 0.10

This is mostly a performance-improving, bug-fixing sort of release. I've also started bundling a full Python interpreter, to make it as easy as possible to get started, despite many of the engine's features not being accessible in the graphical frontend yet.

Grab the Windows bundle here

Or if you have Python, run:
python3 -m pip install --upgrade allegedb LiSE ELiDE

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♲ “The Case Against Empathizing With Trump Supporters” — @nberlat…

there's noise coming from my computer -- not my headphones -- when I *scroll a webpage*

I started a tensorflow process a moment ago and it made the fans spin up, does this mobo have like a pc speaker that lets you know when the processor's spiking?

Show me your favorite interactive calendars in videogame interfaces

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@runKleisli Hi, Im runKleisli! Im asking for $200/mo for rent & utilities!

Im permanently disabled. Arranging means of making money is difficult & overwhelming for me, & I cant maintain regular waking hrs. I was recently forced into an unaffordable living situation through domestic abuse, & need support 2 stay! Plz $

#TransCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdFund

Cyberpunk discourse: Ways to limit augments without using the humanity stat. Show more

Cyberpunk discourse: Ways to limit augments without using the humanity stat. Show more

Hey fediverse, got any opinions on interface design for visual novel style simulation games? I'm making something like that even though I haven't played many, and would like reference material

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Imogen is an emerging open-source alternative to Adobe Substance Painter. Anybody wants to help getting the Linux port running? :D
I'm mightly excited about this!

@jplebreton regarding game engines for community authorship, have you checked out Terasology? They've been in alpha for years but they've got a bunch of game-mode modules working

Apache licensed.

Anyone got a link to legal advice for how free software maintainers gotta deal with the new copyright registration rules?

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Hey comrades, I'm a poor Latinx lesbian asking for $350 for rent. My several small jobs have dipped down for summer and I'm scrambling to look for more work

I'm the most scared in a year I won't have enough to cover me and my gf

It's also the anniversary of Pulse. Donate to brown queer fam. Please boost. Share with friends who may have the means to help us #mutualaid #donate

Venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash App: $hamsterpower

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Roommates just gave us 30 days notice as they move into a smaller unit in the same complex. Buncha cishet fuckos

Welp, our housing situation is now pretty dire. I swear I'll stop spamming y'all with my donate links once our housing is stable again. Brown lesbian and her trans gf need assistance now.
venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash app: $hamsterpower

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reminder that the guy #BryanLunduke that claimed mozilla is sponsoring "#antifa email" is marketing director at #purism.
He claimed that #mozilla would by this, support a domestic terrorist organisation. In fact they where supporting a hosting collective focused on security.
see here for reffer:

When I was pointing him out on his errors and miss understanding of what antifa actually is, he claimed me doing libel. I gave him my word that he will be driven off from here, when he does not change his agenda. he's back as marketing director of #purism. How to respond to this?
cc @purism

see also:

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