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I have difficulty inferring people's boundaries from context or social cues. I expect to always have problems with this, even if I get better at mitigation.

If this means we can't be friends, no hard feelings.

But if you are forward about your boundaries, I'll appreciate that.

I am still learning when and how to ask about boundaries in a way that isn't presumptuous. I often get it wrong when I'm distracted by interesting conversation.

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MLK Day thoughts 

how much time do i waste every day cringing at my past self

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Gosh, it looks like dollar-per-terabyte, spinning disc hard drives are pretty much the same value as blu-ray

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i live in one of those newfangled water dungeons. every time i want to open the garage door i have to go to the attic, basement and guest bathroom to activate a series of magical viaducts

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Nyxt is a keyboard-oriented, infinitely extensible web browser designed for power users. Conceptually inspired by Emacs and Vim, it has familiar key-bindings (Emacs, vi, CUA), and is fully configurable in Lisp.

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Free democracy idea: No term limits, but every election gets harder. Every time you run for re-election, you need a higher percentage of the vote.

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