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I'm Lexi!! I'm a girl type entity!
New Girl+
Starting new save file...

Furthermore, there is a high chance you will feel gay when you see this picture

As for tags, I'm gonna pick I didn't check if y'all already did this meme but whatever have fun!!!!

I got tagged by so I gotta post two facts and three tags?? Alright here goes:

1. I used to be a software developer

2. My full legal name is literally based on my favorite band

Debating calling in sick bc hoooly shit I do not feel good

Oooof I feel extremely dazed waking up today hi

my ass is anxious over being broke, again, still, after months of struggling, the system is designed to keep us in poverty, it sucks, please help, thanks

While you were busy truckin and fuckin, I studied the ART of truckin and fuckin. You rube

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