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I'm Lexi!! I'm a girl type entity!
New Girl+
Starting new save file...

I've seen multiple pieces of fanart featuring Alisaie/Y'Shtola and uh, yikes folks.. headcanon all you want that character is, despite all the growth, still a minor 😬

I finally got a new mattress for my bed and omg I'm just gonna sleep for the next 3 days thanks

I ate a block of cheese earlier and my body is melting from the inside out now

I wake up in the real world and I'm shivering, apparently I'd been sleeping on top of the covers this entire time! But also, I could swear I heard someone knocking on my door. It's 4am and super quiet. I have an anxiety disorder lmao

I'm freezing because there's no blankets. Knocking on the window again. Louder again. I try to focus on the faint sound of the TV.
The knocking sound is now at the bedroom door. Different sounding than before. This sounds like... My apartment??

in my mom's room. To distract myself from the lingering anxiety I put on a TV at low volume to fall asleep. Suddenly, there's some knocking on the front door. The doorbell rings. Knocking on the window. I try to ignore it and roll over in bed. The knocking gets louder...

I rAn out and got really angry at the police and fire crew and demanded they help fix our roof but they laughed and dismissed me and walked away. I sheepishly went to my friends and asked them to go home, and went inside myself. My bedroom ruined, I went to sleep...

I tried to stop it to no avail!! I fled inside and tried to warn my mom but by the time I got there, the neighbors had called the fire department and a giant stream of water burst through the roof, leaving my own bedroom soaked and open to the night sky...

light a bunch of candles all throughout the garden. It was a lovely evening but when I went to put out all the candles before going to sleep one of them put fire to some plants next to the garden shed! The whole thing started going up in flames as...

Weird but uh, kinda validating dream I woke up from:

I was organising a hangout with a bunch of girls in my mom's back yard back in like, middle school. Like a sleepover but outside in a tent I guess. Anyway my dumb ass thought it'd be a great idea to...

It's Sunday morning and I feel like an angel in the clouds

We're goin purπŸ…±οΈle baby!!!!!

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