you can tell my mental health is doin just dandy because i'm not afraid to reply to posts and am actually going out of my way to provide people with helpful information lol

in the past i've seen people ask, for example, what a good medicine tracking app with wide timeframes would be after i'd just started using a really good one (i think it was rxdroid)

or what a good replacement for plex would be (jellyfin is superb)

but in both example cases i was too afraid to reply and convinced myself someone else would

because i was just too scared and couldn't get past that

but no longer!!!

i will now be helpful and friendly and sociable and not just always super having my guard up and afraid all the time!!!!!!!

@vantablack huge fucking mood. actually talking to and interacting with people is my mental health telltale.
you are always welcome to reply to my bullshit

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