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Call for attention:
I'd like to play with people who don't mind playing with someone who tries to solo MMORPGs blind, and potentially reform them from that terrible habit

heading to bed rn but I'll be checking the tag tomorrow and over the next couple weeks, no rush

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Love how Soft these two came out! This adorable art is by @Roxy

The Ratty is me: they/them
The Otter is @neverwhere : she/her

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P.S. Anyone after a 4GB Quadro K5000 should hit me up with an offer, it's wasted in this machine just playing games.

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Nev made us both avatars using that generator thingie and they are just the sweetest representations of either of us I've ever seen ❤️u❤️

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i think it should be illegal for a migraine to last more than 15 hours

ebike modding, electronics, success 

heck yeah compiled libfreenect and the example python/cython code on my pi3 and it works.
NEED to get some bullet crimps to tap power on the bike now

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I want to live in a world of extreme body polymorphism. I want a world where someone can be a human, or furry, or elvan fae, four legged wolf, giant dragon, a collective of foxes, small box robot on wheels, hive of nanobots, copyright infringement, abstract geometry...

I want a world where any conceivable thing can be considered as a form, to have "personhood", and efforts are made to allow all those types of being to exist relatively in the same culture, to the best of our efforts.

ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ ᴏꜰ ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴʙᴏʀɴꜱ is all done but the closures on the robe, and a better photography session.

If I can get its proper pictures taken tomorrow, it'll probably go in the Etsy shop in the evening.

So I just put out my latest song on soundcloud! It's a song about sad girls, trains, and birds. I hope you enjoy!

you can lead a horse to water,
but you can't tuna fish

it's good to give your dragon lots of care, a tended to dragon is a loved dragon :KoboldUwU: ( @chr )

anyone on fedi selling/sending out stickers at the moment? :boost_ok:

greatest antagonists in gaming

- AM
-Matt Furniss

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piss yourself executive dysfunction, I sat down for ten minutes four hours ago

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