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Nev made us both avatars using that generator thingie and they are just the sweetest representations of either of us I've ever seen ❀️u❀️

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Hey! I'm Sprite and I'm married to @neverwhere, poly, bi, nonbinary, very dyslexic and my life's currently in stasis after moving from the UK to the US.

I like to pet rats, sleep, cry about robots, coax old tech back to life, play d&d and stay up late breaking computer games

I've got a "problem with authority", credit in a bad PS2 game, worked for the Scottish government, been a network and system admin and I never finished college. My life is a mess.

holy shit another one, complete with a physical invite to their hackgroup

:goose_hacker: i'm in

my sticker envelope from should be in the shot if anyone sees it around, sadly none of the stickers were out at the time

hehe, just had someone have a chat with me and take a photo of my raspi laptop

I have ADHD, or as it’s known in the Unix world, β€œfocus follows mouse”

The two hardest problems I know of are going to bed and getting out of bed.


it sucks because i want to like software

family-in-law gripe, computerrrrs 

calendars should take a hint from weather services and add a "feels like" metric for time that accounts for politics, tough and/or exciting events and other factors

life hack: take sore throat medicine at home after work because you burned yourself badly on hot soup in the morning and get sideswiped by the sleepy antihistamines for 10 hours


the Turn Undead spell is such bullshit you dont get to be a skeleton

I wanted to get the little relay add-on board set up and converting between the three? separate gpio numbering schemes give me number fuzz (also I feel *really* thick trying to understand how to set up the pwn's ethernet) hope my brain hasn't fossilised

so that overpriced wood-boxed raspi learning kit I got on sale is currently pulling double duty as a laptop and a pwnagotchi depending on which SD is inserted. it's a little champ!
I want to get a powered usb hub for it but I'm not sure if that'd make switching between mains and battery power easier or harder until I put some think on it

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