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Hey hey digital lifeforms, infomorphs, nanobot clouds and ambulatory mainframes

Have you processed the track Errors in my Mind by Cursor Miner?

(cw: corruption, disrepair, repetition) πŸ”βœ…

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Hey! I'm Sprite and I'm married to @neverwhere, poly, bi, nonbinary, very dyslexic and my life's currently in stasis after moving from the UK to the US.

I like to pet rats, sleep, cry about robots, coax old tech back to life, play d&d and stay up late breaking computer games

I've got a "problem with authority", credit in a bad PS2 game, worked for the Scottish government, been a network and system admin and I never finished college. My life is a mess.

the bike has LOT of issues, including severe wear on the front shifter, but it was free so I'm not that worried if it needs a few cheap parts

oops, took apart the bike's rear axle to get at the loose gears and heard a *tak tak tak roll* thought it was a ball bearing, but it looks like they're all still in there and there's nothing on the floor so uh


So there's an old Japanese tabletop RPG with an English fan translation that I've wanted to play for ages and that I figure ya'll might dig. It's called Witch Quest. It's very much in the old school magical girl style of focusing around the players using their magic to help people, and is heavily inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service. 🎲 Players are paired up as young witches :witchywink: and their magical talking cat partners :familiar: . It's very, very cute and wholesome. Only Book 2 is translated, but that's were all the rules are since Book 1 was basically a campaign transcript.

I'd really love to play it with ya'll sometime.

I've been discussing the moon's path. There's no reason to be pessimistic.

β€” Kel Uzololtar, Scholar

Nev can't speak because she's poorly so she just squeaks and it's adorable, small :otter: with hot lemsip wrapped in blankets squeaking for attention πŸ’œ

if you don't include a dark mode in your things, especially if they are mobile apps, then I hate you

There need to be more synthetic furries. It's the best end-run around "b-b-but biology doesn't work that way!" ever.

Trans rats rats who are TRANS

second design, with stickers and tshirt options available on redbubble

#rats #ratties #fancyrats #trans #queer #lgbt #pride #digitalart #redbubble #stickers

how come im only any good at reading protocol documentation if it's something someone reverse engineered from a proprietary software and published as a txt file on a no-ip webpage

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condensing art crossposts as much as i can, here's some dragons i've drawn bc i love drawing dragons... #mastoart #dragons

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#rat fact you can tickle rats and they will laugh! but just at a frequency we can't hear

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Fun activation packet facts:
disney's is: (c) Disney 2013
lego's is: (c) LEGO 2014

the spyro portal is much simpler:
[0x41, 0x01] an ascii A followed by, I think, the pad ID
to reset it:
0x52 (ascii R)

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