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Love how Soft these two came out! This adorable art is by @Roxy

The Ratty is me: they/them
The Otter is @neverwhere : she/her

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P.S. Anyone after a 4GB Quadro K5000 should hit me up with an offer, it's wasted in this machine just playing games.

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Nev made us both avatars using that generator thingie and they are just the sweetest representations of either of us I've ever seen ❤️u❤️

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It’s weird that you can’t add an image description to your avatar or header pic

Do you say "scone" or "scone"? I personally say [suddenly, an army of morris dancers jangles past so you can't hear me]

Gair y Dydd: lili wen fach – blodyn cynta'r gwanwyn wedi ymddangos. #Cymraeg

Word of the Day: lili wen fach 'a snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis' – the first flower of spring has appeared. #Welsh

I think Gremlins 3 should be Gremlins: In Space

Boss: for team building, let's share 3 little known facts about ourselves

Me: *desperately trying to think of something, anything that won't get me fired*

⭐️Cool Rat Facts⭐️

-rats name their babies
-rats are ticklish and younger/baby rats like when you tickle them
-mother rats tickle and sing to their babies
-rats giggle when they are tickled
-you can teach rats to do tricks, and also litter box train them
-humans sense of taste is most identical to a rats
-rats want to hang out with you, they're curious about the world and also they want your attention

and most importantly:

❤️Rats love you❤️

can y'all fave this I want attention but am not actually up to interacting

@dino silly me, there's the nightly packages avaliable via Now running dino 0.2

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Migraine/ chronic pain 

Sunday tinkering:

Giving @dino a go. Psi was just too complex for what I wanted, dino is a bit too simple but i'm liking it, shame 0.2 isn't in the ubuntu apt repos yet (is there a ppa? can't find it if there is)

Ordered some replacement sticks and a cool replacement shell for our joycons

Dualshock 4 controllers are absolute shits to open, going to have to wait for a new spudger to arrive before I can order the right replacement sticks and usb board for that.

going to mess about in minecraft Academy for a bit now

hares have made path to the bird feeder where they eat seeds birds have thrown down. They have visited there often and sometimes taken a sleep during the day inside bush in garden.

your follower count is mostly a reflection of how many instances you've outlived

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fun fact: ctrl-alt-shift-win is a hardcoded keybind in windows to run microsoft office, or annoy you to buy it. it is also a keybind on my board just after g.

so i keep invoking it mistakenly and... no. i will never pay for office

You especially don't have to hedge your criticism of evil politicians, with stuff like "At the very least they're building a nice park" or something.

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A really bad habit to purge yourself of is the compulsion to hedge criticism of damaging things.
If a show is transphobic, you don't have to dilute that criticism by complimenting the camerawork.

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