Going to put up my shingle again for web work.

.twitter::after {
content: 'distraction';

the only workable ideas I've seen so far for federated conversational privacy is trusted instances lists (which someone called "herds," a fine name). this is something we should be implementing.

There's no bug harder to track down than defective thinking.

My little sister was the better athlete, but I could beat her at Pong. These things are important in one's formative years.

My first videogame was Pong. I think it cost a quarter. I was little. It wasn't my money. It was in the waiting area of a restaurant we went to every now and then.

So I'm kind of moving on from the Drupal now. Or it moved on from me, I can't tell. Wondering what's next. Hugo is looking very tempting. It's really more to tinker than anything else. Something with a clean slate for proper theming. Anyone with Hugo insights?

You haven't lived if you haven't networked at 300 baud.

How to program 

It really is quite simple.
You never have to guess.
Toast toast until it smokes,
Then twenty seconds less.

Love the Mastodon 1.2 intro modal. This will help clarify for many, I think. Nice work, devs & designers! cybre.space/media/VbZBwmukotpl

Birdsite conversations with Nazis: 

"Let me explain why you don't deserve equal rights."

"I'm not interested."

"Then you're against diversity!"

* mute *

45 users in this lovely social space!

Invite all your friends, tell 'em to ignore the Ferengi at the door trying to charge everyone an entrance fee.

Current issue: One of the users on cybre.space follows a prolific replybot (@japanesetranslator)

This bot currently replies to approximately 27 post a minute. This leads to an extremely fast federated timelineβ€”at least 5 times as fast as the cybre.space timeline was before thisβ€”full of Japanese posts.

There is no way to prevent this as an instance admin. Silencing the account does not prevent this.



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