The Apocalypse Buddies has grown again! This time, we welcome two animal companions! Jin-Mei, the Garru and Myojin the Bonedog! Myojin isn't very useful yet, but he's still a puppy. He'll grow into a bandit eating machine, I'm sure. Jin-Mei, However, Holy fuck. LOOK AT THAT INVENTORY, with a 90% reduction to the effective weight of anything you put in it!

The gang is pictured here just outside of Squin after picking up some new gear (mostly on Pao) and every bolt of cloth for sale. We need beds damnit.

Tonight's stream is Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Co-op with TorpidTypist


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Added two more folks to the Apocalypse Pals. Molly (left) and Heft (right).

Yes, Heft is a twig. No, we haven't asked.

Molly is shaping up to be an excellent Markswoman. Using a normal bolt crossbow for a solid mix of damage, range, and accuracy. She's also a fairly good Brewer.

Heft is going to be my go-to samurai. Medium armor, mobile, katanas. Not too much going on there yet, not much of a name for herself.

Both are still really green, even by the less than impressive standards of Pao and Hobbs

In the first month and a half of Kenshi I have

Built a base that is perhaps slightly bigger than I can manage

Been kicked out of that base by a gang of starving squatters

Enlisted the town drunks aid to fight our way back into my base

Realized he perhaps doesn't actually know Kung Fu

Spend two weeks training via getting our asses kicked


Finally wore their numbers down and reclaimed my rightful home.


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Losing myself in TTRPG a little to stay sane.

I forgot how... dear my Eclipse Phase character is to me.

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