god, savannah sage, why can't you just be a hot cat man Impassioned orator. instead of... this. I want to play you so bad but you suuuuck.

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My favourite fact about Canada is that in the 70's a radio show had a competition for a national simile along the lines of "as american as apple pie" and the winning entry was "as canadian as possible under the circumstances"

Sometimes I forget how much background radiation prejudice new England has. Other times I get reminded

Aww, favorite diner seems to have all their c list staff on at the same time :(

Kind of a mess tonight but I've been there so I sympathize

Would "a sudden rush of blood to the head" makea better band name or album title

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It's a very good song for Urion, my Planeswalker OC

cause like constellations a million years away,
every good intention
is interpolation, a line we drew in the array
looking for the faces
looking for the shapes in the silence

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