Still thinking about back when Solo first came out and Wookieepedia put a huge spoiler warning banner on Darth Maul's page, effectively spoiling people by warning them about spoilers because the entire spoiler is that he shows up

With theros coming around again I should really work on urion's card.

Fuck man idk

Panopticon, home irritation, family? 

@GwenfarsGarden @teslas_moustache
Focus on seed varieties from the Indian sub-contient. Pretty decent selection. Good customer service and fast shipping.
Employee owned company. Good selection and very high focus on quality. Main focus is commercial sustainable/organic farmers but sell to many home gardeners too. Big focus on hybrids and selling their own varieties. Sometimes a little high priced. Amazing tools for gardening/farming.
Family owned business selling seeds from an Italian company. Excellent quality and HUGE packet sizes. Focus on traditional Italian & European varieties. Great customer service. Their special selection varieties are amazing.
Amazing source for peppers and tomatoes from around the world. Great prices, fast shipping and friendly customer service. I don't know who owns them. Often have amazing sales on seeds too. Excellent quality too.

Another toot coming.

well that was a hell of a thing to get out of work to.

Gonna scrap my New Years' Resolutions and instead make Vows Against The Next Year

The world is dark, the world is cruel. The coming days look darker still. Enjoy your new year's, hold on to your light and keep it bright. Good luck and good health to you and yours, we're all going to need it. Greet the coming Dawn with hope in your stride

In which my body rebels against me 

If you're having a hard time, just remember that whatever mistakes you've made, you at least haven't been grilled during a deposition about making jokes about lizard people eating crisis actors.

Kind of funny that it seems like everyone independently has decided that Leo is the part of my name that sticks out for nicknaming purposes.

Spotify is trash. Here's an article breaking down how many listens an artist would need to eek out just above the poverty line

TL;dr it's three MILLION annually. Labels get paid before artists from that too. Band has more than one person? Multiply those numbers. Have a family? Triple them again.

For a company with 100 million subs, generating close to a billion annually while paying artists precisely fuck and all.

it's quarter to 1 and I am fighting back the urge to make "Unless..." jokes.

I should go make dinner.

"Websites downloading 50Mb of data and making hundreds of requests to serve 6Kb worth of text."

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