when I'm up I feel like I'm being blithe

when I'm down I feel insufferable.

jeez brain just let me win.

I'm stressed AF right now so I'm doing what every well adjusted adult does, distracting myself by creating a very noncanon ship of two of my OCs

REPORT: Computers "just do random shit" say scientists. "Nothing we do affects what they do. They've just done exactly what we expected for years because it's a funny prank pulled on us by God"

so I built a hushbringer deck because I'm tired of activated abilties and it's going pretty ok so far.


Spoiler: maintenance made the beards significantly worse

Laser is sort of behaving. Get to look at all the hideous beards it's doubtlessly throwing out now

This is basically exactly what I expected to happen though

Ugh. The maintenance on my laser went shitty just as we were starting to get it working nice, and now I have to do a full piece qualification for engineering. On my own, because my coworker isn't in today.

Hope you're all doing well. Fairly ok here. Looking forward to the holidays

Back to work. Here's hoping that potluck won't be the death of me. Hrrrrgh

it should be noted that my job involves making medical equipment in a clean room so I am literally unfit to work like this.

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