Time to sell all my possessions and move into a submarine. Brb

That feeling when it's not warm enough for Mac Demarco but you need something lazy to listen to on the porch.

We're now in that weird twilight phase after April fools where April fools content still shows up in the feed but your bullshit detector is turned back to normal.

First dose of the vaccine. Wish it was one dose. I hate needles.

Sometimes the thing you're trying to do doesn't come out right. But at least you tried. Instant photography is hard.

Bike should be here tomorrow. Gonna be a Lotta fun to ride again.

The kafka team at work has to realize filling out two different forms through slack, and waiting days at a time to get help is very on brand for the name right?

hot tech take 

it doesn't matter what operation system you use

Alright I'll say it. I've never had someone who doesn't have a finical stake in their success express interest in NFTs. Bring back cryptocurrencies, not crypto stores of value.


Deformative by Black Eyes

CW: Lyrics may imply the singer was raped

"I'm 16, driving south from Baltimore"

That feeling you get when it's the first nice day after so many dreary days, and cold weather. And you actually feel like doing things and talking to people.

Sorta wish I could virtualize an esp32 and other hardware so I don't have a daisy chain of wires and a bread board next to me on the couch while I work on it.

as someone who will at best estimate maybe be eligible in fucking August, I have to say if you’re eligible for a vaccine in your jurisdiction PLEASE go get it, don’t wait up

So apparently there was a robot in one of the robot fighting leagues back in the 90s that used halon as a weapons system. At the time internal combustion engines were popular among bots. So they basically shot a fire extinguisher at them. That right there is some big brain thinking.

some of you sick fucks would fall to wile e coyote in seconds. you would walk right into his traps. you would peck at the bird seed and the boulder would fall on you. this is your fate

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