if you are going to publish a public dataset that you intend anyone to be able to use (Wikidata)

and you set up a convenient redirect for URLs representing resources to the data files which describe them (www.wikidata.org/entity/ → www.wikidata.org/wiki/Special:EntityData/)

PLEASE set an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header on the redirect as well!!!!

infohazard, identity fuckery 

infohazard, identity fuckery 

@k yaml is just javascript and javascript is just a lisp only with objects instead of s‐expressions so

feels a tad self‐defeating to just implement s‐expressions in YAML when you could just add a function syntax and have all of JavaScript behind you

but that’s basically just CoffeeScript

@wklew real eye‐opener for me was when i read an article (now lost to time) from like the 1980s about women programmers, and one of the things it specifically called out was the usage of terminology like “execute”, “abort”, “terminate”, “kill”, etc in programming circles as alienating to women

those words are so normalized these days; nobody even thinks to comment on them it seems


list of words which do not mean “useful” (incomplete) 

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@KitRedgrave yeah that’s a good point. eugen wants masto to replace twitter but it’d probably be more successful if it was more attentive to how it was actually being used.

@KitRedgrave problem is you can’t draw a firm line between them. “the personal is political” etc.

@KitRedgrave inspired: a brutalist building metamorphosing into its final form

@somarasu problem is that for most folks who aren’t already deeply familiar with the language, “js” is synonymous with “node”

plus a bunch of these other JS frameworks (Redux…) which refuse to do anything with prototypes and package everything as straight JSON

i think writing good JS requires actually thinking about the design of your software and coming up with elegant solutions and putting the time in to build good infrastructure (prototypes/inheritance models), and white men in tech just don’t have the patience for that

github stop recommending to me repositories that are 7 years old and the exact polar opposite of my aesthetic

@KitRedgrave i’m big into the UNIX philosophy because the small building‐block tools that only do one thing are all i ever actually get built lol

@KitRedgrave my hack is to imagine projects that depend critically on whatever thing i’m working on right now, which inspires me to work hard to get it done so i can start on the Big Cool Thing I Actually Want To Do, and then never actually do the larger project i imagined

writing a CSS stylesheet where every single selector is wrapped in :Where(), because

@KitRedgrave right, but a hypothetical world where you can physically just open up an HTML or JS file and change a few lines and immediately have a personally configured app is not that far out of reach

will we ever get there?? hell no, because it would put programmers out of jobs, the same as LISPs and XML never catching on

@KitRedgrave believe it or not, the HTML/CSS/JS revolution is actually very good for this

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