which is correct?

@LadyKIBI I am SURE I have a very strong opinion on this, but I can't read ANY of what this says =P

@witchfynder_finder so the question is when given a namespaced name, such as in a programming context, do you:

1. select a/an based on the reading of the prefix

2. ignore the prefix and select a/an based on the word itself

3. always use “a”

4. always use “an”

@LadyKIBI Hmm I think I would do it based on the word but I'd need to see a Real Example to be sure because I Do Not Programming

@witchfynder_finder fictitious example inspired by the FOAF vocabulary: « While a[n] foaf:Group has the characteristics of a[n] dc:Agent, it is also associated with a number of other dc:Agents (typically people) who constitute the foaf:Group. »

@witchfynder_finder (where dc: is pronounced “Dee Cee” and foaf: is pronounced “Eff O A Eff”)

@LadyKIBI use the noun name to determine a/an, but if that's unfeasible then just 'a' will scan slightly less weird imo

@LadyKIBI I'd probably drop the namespace on occasions after the first, but if I couldn't for some reason, I think I'd start writing with the article that I would use if I did drop the namespace

@LadyKIBI resolved that six people really don't like using just one or the other and insist on alternating ;p

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