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You may remember me from loud rants and discourses of many a yesteryear, but Iʼm here with you today to help ensure we all get along. Meowth, thatʼs right! Iʼm your new Community Moderator here in Cybrespace!

Important info in my bio. This account will be used primarily for technical discussion and moderation work; see @jellyfish_link for my less formal thoughts.

granted our mastodon is a few versions old but the moderation interface for browsing invite links is Not Great

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think (hope) we just had a compromised invite link with this one; it’s been disabled

if you are going to publish a public dataset that you intend anyone to be able to use (Wikidata)

and you set up a convenient redirect for URLs representing resources to the data files which describe them ( →

PLEASE set an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header on the redirect as well!!!!

lisps are cool but what if they were XML

list of words which do not mean “useful” (incomplete) 

+ turing‐complete

.//tei:note[@place='bottom'][ancestor::tei:p or ancestor::tei:lg][not(ancestor::tei:div)][count(current()|ancestor::tei:text[1])=1]

github stop recommending to me repositories that are 7 years old and the exact polar opposite of my aesthetic

writing a CSS stylesheet where every single selector is wrapped in :Where(), because

do i want to test this low‐level code

i just don’t have it in me to write a RegExp engine from scratch, y’all

even though it is technically correct, having to do

func log10 (_ n: Int) -> Int {
return String(n).count - 1

always feels gross lol

variable names currently on the level of lastSignificantDigitOf_FractionDigitRemainderSeqOf_f and honestly you better be glad i decided digitOf_fractionDigitSeqOf_f_lastSignificantDigitOf_FractionDigitRemainderSeqOf_f was unnecessary lol

which is correct?

(it's good practice though for getting me to remember everything about Swift and writing good code)

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on the docket for today is “given a decimal number, return its canonical representation as a string” and other such endeavours

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welp, time to go implement a bunch of shit that smarter people have already implemented better, based on a specification that is full of mistakes and errors, because that's the way i roll

all of the best W3C standards are version 1.1

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