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actually wait is there a mybb plugin to add... idk what the actual term is for 'forum gang tag' but you know what i mean right

unintelligible whispering sucks

this post brought to you by the softly spoken crew

catching my tears in a napkin and trying to squeeze them back into my eyes. return from whence you came, sad juice

askjhda i burned through a trashy thriller series where the main villains were mostly white militias and sovereign citizens but it still managed to come off as Suspiciously Centrist

i went back and read the first book from a different series she did in 2012 and can now confirm that this author was DEFINITELY on the Palin train and is now a never-Trumper, i can just TELL, white ladies aren't subtle

i just checked and the list of top-level domains doesn't include '.nut' so what are we even doing here, people

so ive been thinking and i think mastodon is the perfect opportunity to bring back forum userbars. @Gargron, please implement this feature.

me: ahh my old nemesis... it's been many years but we finally meet again.
Target security guard: sir, please put down the sword or I'm calling the cops

i'm a big fan of how infinite scroll just. decides that i'm done. i've seen enough. no more for me, thanks.

So here's a thing about #nativeAmericans and #horses

Another lesson in don't believe white people's idea of history, b/c oh hey they're full of shit. Also, whites make up history for political reasons

#native #Indigenous #history

Focal points are finally coming to #Pinafore … this is honestly the most math I've had to do in a long time.


the cloned sheep was named dolly because she was made from a titty??

The difficulty curve spikes way too early on these stairs imo. Bad game design

sorry i'm just still not really over that time like a year ago that i tried to read a janet evanovich novel

have you ever been reading a book and suddenly realized that what you're actually reading is the author's attempt to write a procedural series for tbs that has been running for eight successful seasons but you've never heard of it

"job will involve travel and requires a valid driver's license" BULLSHIT IT'S PAYROLL ACCOUNTING

80s fantasy is a trip, i have never read the word 'ensorceled' in such unironic density before

all the good pants on chicstar are sold out in my size, rip

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