i'm being a responsible non-wasteful adult and buying a new walking belt for the treadmill

... but if that doesn't fix it i'm buying a new one because fuck this

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon


one of these options is significantly more likely to get me back on the goddamn treadmill which is what i have wanted for m o n t h s

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torn between trying to fix my fucking treadmill, or just accepting that i don't wanna do Treadmill Repairs and giving this bitch away to someone with Gumption and getting a new treadmill

be the queer freak u want to see destroy the world

i know amazon is the devil but whispersync is so fucking good for my adhd ass

accepted that i am not in a litfic mood and returned my loan early, immediately putting another hold on it. maybe i'll be in a litfic mood in six weeks! it is a mystery

i looked up how to spell yoozh and found an article from the dictionary admitting that literally no one in over a decade of vernacular usage has figured out how to spell yoozh: merriam-webster.com/words-at-p

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thinking the other day about how i really do just want to live in peace and plant potatoes and dream... Moomin Was Right as per yoozh

(inspecting the deep structure of time, space, and reality) yup, this is some bullshit alright. it sucks ass

@wednesday haha, no, i just wrote the one little snippet and then dropped it

books whose titles end in an exclamation point make these emails much funnier

@mooseman13579verka "what's more likely: you can do everything right and still lose a child to a determined predator, or that this woman sacrificed her baby for jesus?"

i really wanna go into the woods and get some birch logs before february ends but i also want to wait until the snow isn't up to my goddamn knees. so. that's a problem.

@ElvenSemi yeah the press really pushed the "this was a child sacrifice" angle in part because they thought she didn't look enough like they thought a mother in mourning should

(they were very religious 7th day adventists and she'd seen the dingo so she accepted that her kid was dead and there was no point looking for her after a couple hours)

my timing is excellent because casefile just did an episode and i was unaware that the first coroner's inquest was like "not only did a dingo eat this woman's baby but all you cops are fuckups"

and the cops were like "hm, don't like that" and got a new coroner willing to state this woman killed her baby with sewing scissors because she was a witch and the cops were definitely justified in fucking around

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i would understand if just the wifi or just my phone data were being shitty but instead they're both being colossal fuckups today

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