more quick sketches of characters from @KittyUnpretty 's Astielle because they are living rent-free in my mind


@Prawnlegs alksdakl;sdhasj OH MY GOD i'm love holy shit :blobcataww: :blobcatheart: :blobcatheart: :blobcatheart:

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@KittyUnpretty I might. I might also need to draw Jonys. NOTHING could have prepared me for Jonys.

@Prawnlegs i don't know what i meant for him to be when i started but i don't think it was "the unusually buff lovechild of danny zuko and theodore logan, raised by a music teacher's vhs tape of stomp"

@KittyUnpretty I got my partner reading it now and apparently it went RIGHT past me that Leonas was described as maybe more Gerudo-complexion'd, I gotta do an edit o:

@Prawnlegs it was a blink-and-you-miss-it mention and his dad's DEFINITELY the whitest man you've ever seen so i don't blame you, hahaha

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