protip(?): if you add ".rss" to the end of your profile url, you get a feed of all your public and unlisted toots that you can then plug into ifttt in order to cross-post to birdsite, with links on every one to remind people that you're actually on a much better website. here's how it looks on mine.

i used to just let my twitter be empty but i think there's value in letting people know that i'm actually very active in a microblogging-type space and not just a tumblr goblin

@jag boosts and replies don't show up at all in the .rss feed (they DO show up in the .atom feed which took me forever to figure out), and idk how non-reply mentions look because it hasn't come up yet (i'm guessing they get borked at least a l'il)

@KittyUnpretty Yass! And what recipe did you use to get that kind of configuration? (I see EntityUrl and stuffs)

@jag I just used RSS feed/New feed item for +this, Twitter/Post a tweet for +that, and the Tweet Text is {{EntryContent}} {{EntryURL}} chosen out of the Add Ingredient menu :3

@jag Yeah! There were a couple pre-made but I wanted more flexibility and the option to add a hashtag if I wanted (but idk if there's a specific hashtag people use for crossposts from the fediverse so I don't use one for now)

@KittyUnpretty @jag that sounds like a bug, I'd expect the two feeds to be the same...

@rixx yeah, it's real weird—i can't imagine ever wanting replies and boosts included in a feed so the rss makes more sense to me than whatever's going on with atom

@KittyUnpretty how do you get it to tweet the actual text of the update, and not just "New status by"? here's what mine looked like:

@roseveleth it looks like you need to edit the Tweet Text portion of your IFTTT applet--you're going to want to delete the 'New status' text currently in there, and hit 'Add Ingredient' to choose 'EntryContent' instead

@roseveleth @KittyUnpretty I had this issue too and it looks unsightly! I'll try the fix mentioned!

@KittyUnpretty Thanks for sharing the idea. I have an almost forgotten IFTTT account which I'll be dusting off to try setup this. Good stuff, as I don't even have a Twitter application installed anymore anywhere, but I still keep the account there to log-in using a browser and check what some people I care about are up to bow and then 👍

> unlisted

so you're saying anyone can stalk your "unlisted posts"? don't tell that to the people who think mastodong grants you privacy, you'll break their hearts... 

@m0n5t3r @KittyUnpretty what? unlisted just means it does not appear in public timelines. It's never been about privacy...

@angristan @m0n5t3r Yeah, anyone has always been able to see your unlisted posts on your profile? They just don't show up in the public timeline. Followers-only posts are still locked and don't show up in the RSS feed.

@KittyUnpretty I can't seem to get this to work. Can you post the details of your IFTTT configuration?

@odinsdream Sure! I made a new applet, for +this I chose RSS feed/New feed item, for +that I chose Twitter/Post a tweet, and the Tweet Text is {{EntryContent}} {{EntryUrl}}

@KittyUnpretty it worked! Maybe it just took awhile to run or something.

@KittyUnpretty ah looks like in the rss feed it'll just give the text of the cw instead of the post, in the atom feed the summary is set to the cw and the content is the post

@kity wow that's another difference between the two feeds i hadn't noticed! and once again i prefer the rss functionality (since sometimes i use cws for personal shit and this means that never ends up on twitter)

@KittyUnpretty well it'll still tweet the text of the cw which might be kinda weird for people over there

@kity oh it's definitely weird to see a tweet that just says "personal" or "uspol", hahaha—but i figure most of them can figure out to click through for more context, and i'm not too fussed if it's a little janky

@KittyUnpretty I just found out about this from @roseveleth on Twitter! stoked to try it soon!

@roseveleth I'm also thinking, I have some Twitter bot-code, and some Masto bot-code, I wonder if it's better to use this RSS method, or to run my own bot to do it on my VPS.

If I have a little time, I'll try both methods and see what I like better.

@roseveleth Wow, that was astonishingly easy to setup. Already a point for IFTTT instead of writing a custom bot to do it.

So glad I came across your tweet earlier, the first time in two months that I checked Twitter!

@KittyUnpretty Thank you, this is awesome! Also, thank you for the fantastic image descriptions! ☺️👍🏼

@KittyUnpretty Doesn't work on my instance, sadly. Does anyone know what version of #Mastodon this feature was introduced?

A heads up about the difference between Masto's RSS and Atom feeds: the RSS feed is for federation with other OStatus clients and is subject to change with the whims of GNU Social *only*. The Atom is for public consumption and *any* complaints with it are bugs that the Masto team would like fixed.

So be careful depending on the RSS feed.

@mikeburns afaik it's actually the opposite, and the .atom feed specifically includes a lot of extra stuff because it's for OStatus--i think @nightpool knows more than i do about the actual deets, i just use .rss because it doesn't include replies/boosts/anything hidden behind a cw

@KittyUnpretty after one week of using this feature, I found out a few interesting bits.

1. The RSS and Atom feeds are undocumented, but there are several issues in the main Mastodon repo about improvements
2. The RSS feed contains all toots, even those marked as unlisted, and replies, so it's not a great fit for posting to the bird site, unless some more filtering is done in IFTTT
3. Of all toots shared back as tweets, none was retweeted or favorited (but that is anedoctal)

@steko i don't mind about unlisted—that's only ever been about not showing up in the public timeline, which twitter doesn't have anyway, and if i wanted them private i'd post followers-only. it doesn't include boosts and mentions, which is the most important part for me.

@steko a post that starts with an @ — for instance, in the rss this conversation doesn't show up because we're @ ing each other

@steko yeah, that's a weird one--there seem to be some mentions that glitch out and don't get recognized as mentions, since they're *also* not supposed to show up in the local/global feeds and sometimes they do

@KittyUnpretty Do you know if there is a way to filter the feed so only posts without name references cross over? Would be weird to x-post conversations by accident

@dualhammers the rss *should* exclude replies automatically, but it doesn't always detect those right--looking at mine, it hasn't included any replies lately, so maybe that bug got squashed. you can also use a dedicated crossposter for more control, i just like the simplicity of using the rss

@KittyUnpretty yeah. RSS seems a good option since there isn't an xposter for iOS

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