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I told you it was a work in frogress.

(going to get as much mileage as I can from that pun).

#gamedev #indiedev #gameart #godotengine #krita

always expect the worst, that way when something good does happen you can not really appreciate it and just worry about how it's going to fall apart like everything else

Something I saw on route 12 but couldn't take a pic since I was driving and no place to pull over. So I tried drawing it from memory. Small sections of the valley that the sun never touched had icicles forming.

strong ai is an impossibility, as any ai would in all likelihood be a nerd, and, thus, fundamentally weak

saw the words "sweet cherry pie" and read them automatically to the tune of "sweet caroline"

in retrospect my mom was extremely cool about ordering me a book called diary of a drug fiend when i was like thirteen

i wonder if the girl who had a crush on me in high school still has my copy of diary of a drug fiend

why am i surprised that the joke i thought about cutting for being too stupid has been the most popular

I have never taken a single nude, not even a lewd. The hundreds of pictures of my dick and balls that have for some reason been removed from wikipedia are a different matter, as those were for educational purposes.

the vinyl edition of Oh Wormwood sold out at some point... life is a series of tragedies

i love when i see an adoptables post and every single character immediately sold except the single unhorny one

i keep forgetting about the racist Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp so every time someone talks about it being a racist movie my mind turns to the Italian chef that gave them spaghetti and I think "what was racist about that? he was a nice chef"

Thinking about the security implications of this computer from black mirror where you can see what’s on the screen from the other side

i don't really know how to link this without spoilers, so i guess here's a story i wrote about faceblindness


‪My dog needs surgery very soon, so I’m offering commishes at a big discount to offset the cost, (including tattoo design commissions!) nab one while they last! ‬

‪Signal boosting would be appreciated!‬

‪✨ ✨‬

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