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i might never be over the visible culture shock of these polite canadians watching americans and the french unite to cheer this unfortunate clumsy waiter

when i went on a tour of paris our tour group was a mix of americans and canadians, and once while getting dinner a waiter dropped a tray of dishes and broke some. all the americans immediately started applauding, as is tradition, but so did the french, while the canadians looked on in silent horror.

i have GOT to stop thinking "whamst" as a response to things because one of these days it's going to slip out

love not being able to find a single fucking thing because shoving shit into a box/bag/cupboard so no one has to look at it is the same thing as cleaning

Twitter is the worst instance, I’m so glad we all decided not to federate with it

Me: music newer than your own generation seems weird and wrong, but it's always been like that, it's ok

YouTube: there's a white rapper who was born the year you graduated high school and his name is Yung Gravy

Me: music's bad now

:cate: wake me up
:sadcat: wake me up inside
:cringingcat: can't wake up
:saddercat: wake me up inside
:scremcat: SAVE ME

why ask for a resume if you're just going to ask me to manually enter the contents of the resume into a form

just. have me fill out the form. this word document is extraneous.

the fact that i sleep from noon to eight makes it really annoying that the chinese buffet doesn't open until eleven

i want to stuff my face with trash, dammit

the secret to strong ai is you gotta make a computer that can get depression

stuff you missed in history class, in particular, used to have a tagged and searchable archive with extensive shownotes and related images for hundreds upon hundreds of episodes

now it's all just Gone and the url redirects to their new owner's web app lmao

really into iheartradio's new thing where podcasts aren't allowed to have useful websites anymore

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