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if you want to read a queer polyamorous webnovel that takes place in an open world with a feral hoarder for a protagonist and also some pretty men and monster porn, good news, i am writing one of those and it's free

i'm so annoyed i could write an effortpost about this

i won't

but i could

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being a househusband is very different from being a stay at home father and i am willing to die on that hill actually

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thought i'd give live action gokushufudo a try but they appear to have added a child, which is. a completely different dynamic and not one i'm really into tbqh.

chapter 32 of astielle is up! there is. a slight tonal shift. from the previous chapter.

so many people keep trying to give me tips about creating lore when my problem is that there's too much fucking lore... πŸ’€

It's #smallbusinesssaturday ! The $20 that you spend on a small creator will go much farther (and be much more appreciated) than any $100 you spend at a giant retailer. If you're looking for indie erotica comics, patches, or pins- take a look at my shop!

 πŸ”žπŸ”₯ πŸ”₯πŸ”ž

( #mastoart #art #smallbusinesssaturday )

"oh i don't recognize the name of this storefront, is this a new place i can actually buy files from?" i thought to myself, optimistically, like a fool

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the astonishing high of realizing little boots had a new song and the immediate crash of discovering she'd made an nft of it kjashdjkahsd

the actual funniest part of my stats is the huge spike in august because i was hyperfocused on writing and could not bring myself to listen to a single podcast or watch a single video

everyone who talked to me had to put up with sylfaen in light blue on a dark green background to do so and yes that includes my current spouse

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the funniest part of aim letting you set your own text/bg color and font is that it inflicted it on everyone you spoke to also

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that last boost used to be my color scheme in aim

aside from content//bedtime this is like a secret astielle flashback chapter playlist lmao

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according to my top artist for the last year is illuminati hotties, shocking absolutely no one

however aside from content//bedtime all my top tracks were random and astielle related

it's all fun and games until you find out he got into eugenics because he loves the movie Idiocracy

ironically november has my lowest wordcount since july

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