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asjkdhakjdsh i got the email from firefox about picture-in-picture and didn't think much of it but i swear to god mom just burst in here with her laptop and was like HAVE YOU SEEN THIS and she pointed to her browser window where she had a youtube video playing in the corner over her work tab

god i wish bandcamp offered bittorrent downloads, my internet sucks and i want big filesssss

now i just need to finish this sheet in earnest and THEN make an alternate version of the script that makes a computer output file in order to create an excel update file and soon i will never have to enter a number more than once

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anyway i'm one step closer to completing my bizarre nested series of automated spreadsheets so i'm p pleased with myself

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the problem with impressive excel spreadsheets is that how the fuck do you show off an excel spreadsheet

i wouldn't call myself a programmer but i *will* spend more time automating something than it would have taken to just do it manually

my neighbors aggressively pound on my door inconsideratly when all im doing is my exciting new hobby, wailing and shrieking in the backyard while striking metal with a sword.

every time a terf posts some "growing up female" listicle i feel like i'm from another planet

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i didn't even know i was fat. i just thought i was buff.

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i feel a lot of alienation from traditional cis woman experiences because i was well into my teens before it occurred to me that i was not actually capable of doing anything a grown and muscular man could do

me, working part-time: i'm already working so many days and it takes me so long to recover i might as well be working full-time!!

me, working full-time: so, that was not correct

I’m really pissed off these days! to celebrate, I banged out a little zine expressing my bottomless rage.

you can get it as a PWYW pdf right here:

they put a fence around the big pit at the edge of town i go to lie face down in because it was apparently 'infested with radioactive rats'. this is gentrification

*pulls out an acoustic guitar* anyway heres Through the Fire and Flames

Back in the day, everything I knew about DnD came from Neverwinter Nights. Now, however, it also comes from the adventure zone

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