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astielle ch 16 spoilers 

readers after chapter 15: so many complex emotions and interesting character studies!! i am so interested to learn more about the plot!

me writing chapter 16: TIME FOR TENTACLE PORN :ameowbongo: i ended up having to take the last thousand words i wrote for chapter fifteen and move them into chapter sixteen, why am i so bad at pacing

a song comes on and i'm like "oh it's from their new album!" and i look and it came out in 2015

okay it's time to buckle down and get in the right headspace to write a magical fantasy action scene

*puts ballroom blitz on repeat*

astielle ch 15 spoilers 

i feel like i should have made more mention previously of the fact that randos literally cannot pick up the fancy magic weapons, but i have no idea how or when i would have done that. minnow doesn't, like. put her sword down around randos.

astielle ch 12 spoilers 

another thing that didn't come up is that jonys ululates like xena when he's about to kill people

he probably does it at the same time as the glowstick sword

astielle ch 15 spoilers 

tik tok came up in my playlist and i had to skip it because that's jonys' fight theme and he's not here right now :blobpensive:

i thought the worst thing could do to me was tell the world how often i still listen to kill v maim but i was wrong

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i set my scrobbling app on android to scrobble from firefox for when i listen to music that shows up in my rss feeds, but yesterday for the first time it decided porn was music and scrobbled it

i had to frantically open a tab to delete it but then it was still in my 'currently scrobbling' so i had to briefly listen to actual music to hide the evidence of my crime

my mental image of phil is just patton oswalt tbqh

astielle ch 15 spoilers 

i can't believe i bypassed a heist just to have to write a fucking action scene. i've successfully avoided writing a serious action scene in like. 218k of batman fanfiction. why did i do this. :coolhhHHAAAHHH:

mastodon instance but the keming is really bad

astielle ch 15 spoilers 

i feel like i should have done more foreshadowing to really earn the steampunk mechs (i haven't decided if i'm keeping the steampunk mechs)

where's the asmr tour of the catacombs of paris i deserve, it's all american dudes yelling, this sucks

polyamory and also reincarnation is like cheating tbh. is it an enemies-to-lovers speedrun? a slowburn? a doomed tragedy full of angst? a wacky fuckfest? did they die? does everyone live? yes.

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