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i caught a goddamn coelacanth and still no mahi-mahi >:C

i tried to use a topcoat other than seche vite and suffered for my hubris

dreamt i had one of those wood-fired hot tubs and i was using it in the snow, which was extremely cool and aspirational

yesterday i went to make yogurt but forgot to actually hit the button so i just had an instant pot full of cold milk sitting on the counter for four hours

on twitter, the owner of longcat (actual name is Nobiko) announced she passed away... :( RIP longcat

Absolutely can’t get over the intensity of Supergiant’s commitment to having the hottest voice acting in all of videogames. Please, come on, have mercy

Please consider the environment when making seasonal decor choices.

dang, there was like a whole day there where it seemed like maybe i'd be able to write again. i was wrong but like, what a day.

imagine having home internet that will load fucking images

Me, hearing a bell toll: haha sick nice bell
Me, after finding out for whom the bell tolls: fuck! Shit!!

just had a vivid memory of when a friend introduced me to someone and said "you might know him from the comments section"

i probably won't disappear into the woods but knowing it's an option makes things difficult sometimes

i actually like most of the changes in firefox for android but lastpass does not care for them at all

also nook's cranny is upgrading so to sell my fish i have to visit andrew's island, rip

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i finally got the cast master stamps by closing without saving every time i lost a fish but still no coelacanth, sturgeon, or mahi-mahi

remember when i was capable of writing things that weren't garbage? good times.

the four seasons

-butter too cold and hard to spread well
-butter spreads great
-butter too warm and hard to spread
-butter spreads great

my new opinion is that lana del rey is basically morrissey who Fucks

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