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what if every time superman has to fight a monster people assume the monster is much stronger than it is because it takes so long to defeat it but actually it's just like trying to deal with a feral cat. like. he *could* just punt it, technically. but that's horrible. why would he do that. it is an aminal what doesn't know rights from wrongs.

i just went digging through the revision history on the wikipedia page for hogtie bondage in order to find what is the absolutely best image ever used as visual aid on a wikipedia article and i hope you all appreciate my sacrifice

asldkjalksdj in january a wordpress plugin fucked up and produced an 888MB error_log file i'm

i should probably actually archive some of my weirder little ficlets, at some point. like the botw thing. or that star wars space taxes thing.

fun satellite internet things: switching to my phone hotspot to download a big file

i've had some folks ask what a good instance would be for occasionally posting sexy/nude selfies for validation but i feel like that's actually most instances as long as you cw it

if you've never had to explain to someone that tags always appear lowercase on mobile, quotes break tags and send the quoted text to the front, only the first five tags work for sitewide tag search, tag search searches plaintext on mobile, messages won't send if they contain links, likes always come from your main even if you're using your sideblog, custom themes don't display in most viewsβ€”you might have a skewed view of how easy a site is to use and understand

majora's mask is also significant for representing a life after ganon. after ocarina of time when other heroes might get a happy ending, link got a fucking moon dropped on his head. he was a child who had known the body of a man but never the mind, and even fulfilling his destined purpose was not enough to buy him peace. courage without either power or wisdom.

link wearing majora's mask is a power move because when you wear your trauma on your face you're the only one who never has to see it

link finds majora's mask in botw and it is a dead god whose corpse he wears because the darkness of it hides the light of his courage from lesser shadows

i'm going to assume my sinuses are somehow to blame for my whole face hurting

🌧️🌧️ 🌧️🌧️ 🌧️
🌾 🌾🌾
🐞 πŸ¦‹ 🌾🌾 🌾🌾

between joe bananas, the fbi's plan to viciously prank communists with bumper stickers, and reagan's booth babes, that chapter took me an hour

this book has taken me like a month to read even though it's only 500 pages (not including citations) because i keep having to stop and process things like Joe Bananas

are you really telling me that in real life there was a mafia crime family headed by a guy called "joe bananas"

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