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these canvas shoes are kinda cute but SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS holy moly i could get the most fetishy heels for that much, i can't imagine spending that much on a canvas shoe


Credit to ArcboundRavager on Twitter for inspiring me with the tweet which haunted my waking hours.

#Mastoart #art #creativetoots #mastodonart #dog #canine #borzoi #surreal

i was sure when i bought it i would find a use for this holographic rose gold fanny pack but i've started to question my decision

did i do this to prepare for my nsm collection getting here in a week or two? maybe

there is a new entry in my series where i read every comic with kraven the hunter in it

we drove into town and when we came back i had data again

my phone just needed to remember that the tower existed, i guess, by going and taking a look

since testing is one of the only ways to get enough xp in a week to level up in their new league thing within a reasonable timeframe that's pretty fucked

... did duolingo just paywall testing out of certain levels/vocab exercises?

for eight years all i have wanted in minecraft is a mode between peaceful and easy where all mobs are passive so i don't have to fight anything until i'm ready to start shit

personally i think if any mcelroy is ever on critrole it will be travis and it will be with Forbidden Original Backstory AU Magnus

i did the math though and to get under 45 minutes i'd have to average out to 4.2mph, which might be too fast but. maybe not.

doing a 5k right after that was also not what might be called 'a fantastic plan'

the stitch in my side after mile 2 was monstrous

remember when i got up in the morning and did yoga first thing

that was a nice month

eating a bunch of bosco sticks and then doing yoga is not the best idea i've ever had

so when microsoft bought minecraft did they ever fix easy mode

in theory i could put together a functional painterly pack manually, however, fuck that

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