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every night now tubby demands to be let into my mom's room so that she can secure the perimeter and check for shrews

Time for your daily dose of snail puppies



Inspired by:
Hours of Saint-Omer, France ca. 1320

BL, Add 36684, fol. 84v

Original image from:

#mastoart #art #creativetoot #medieval #marginalia

lets just say my dick and balls are going to be "under new management "

my main hobby is hoarding videogames i don't actually have the attention span to play and modding consoles to run games i don't actually have the attention span to play

just found out John McAfee used to be a landlord. smh cancelled

4k words in two days! they have not fucked and i don't know if i will ever post this. rip.

the things that you end up missing the most in quarantine are the little routines... like how every morning i used to sit at a street side cafe, looking through a newspaper with two cartoonish eye holes cut into the middle

are you:

i absolutely cannot name this guy Prince Horus but it's really hard to think of any names that aren't that

i know some people just give the centaur a human dick under its human torso but that somehow strikes me as more cowardly than just having the centaur shapeshift their dick

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i think i'm going to have to make this centaur a shapeshifter because that's the easiest way to avoid fucking a horse

trying to hold on to the energy from that dream where, if i'm remembering correctly, kraven the hunter was also ganondorf was also a lynel

pumagreg, tired after a long morning of whatever it is he does

Hey! I'm Monica “Monarobot” Robles Corzo- Monster artist and illustrator from Chiapas Mexico. I was a Prop designer on #OnyxEquinox! Here's some of the stuff I designed for the series!


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