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people are asking a lot of questions about my "i eat bibles" t-shirt that i can't answer because my mouth is full of bibles

i love how often "our system is being a little slow right now" actually means "we do this through a webapp and the browser is taking forever to start up and load it"

i was concerned that minnow/ari would lack the violence i crave but i have realized the solution is leonas, who completes their throuple by being a massive shithead who causes problems on purpose

still haven't quite shaken the weird, horny energy of losing a boss fight in that dream

as long as i was updating alonimi i figured i'd see if there were competing forum softwares that might be better but. god. they really all just look like absolute dogshit.

Here's the vagina dentata porn, featuring spider boy and venus fly trap girl.

cw for all the things i mentioned

#nsfw #art

i've spent all day feeling that specific kind of anxious where you're sure you've fucked up and are waiting for the consequences, and i have no idea why

so that's fun!

"I liked this anime."
"would you recommend it?"
"absolutely not."

i pre-ordered more skirts because i'm weak but at least i won't actually get them until may :coolhhHHAAAHHH:

this person, upon changing their default firefox search engine to duckduckgo, expressed hope that this action would prevent google from reading their gmail

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i have now witnessed a second, completely different tumblr post where someone does not know the difference between a browser and a search engine

i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))

I (42m) caught my roommate (37m) cranking it in to my cumjar the other day and yelled at him for it. I assumed it was understood that the basement bathtub was for our collective cummies and that my jar would be mine alone. He’s locked himself in his room and has been calling me a fascist ever since, even after I offered to buy him his own jar. I can’t help but wonder AITA for not laying down the ground rules more explicitly? He just seems so hurt and I’m starting to feel like that’s my fault.

i know they're stupid and overpriced but goddamn are those compact prebuilt gaming rigs tempting. like the fact that the beast i have now has survived this long probably attests to massive cases being better for long-term use but. smol. convenient.

when i finally getting around to doing the final edit of unprofessional behavior there's going to be even more salt about badly formatted reports. if you thought this porn had a lot of salt about bad reports before just WAIT

"please export to a data-only spreadsheet"
"okay! twenty columns with inconsistent datasets incoming!"

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