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from now on when andrew asks where the cat is i'm going to have to say "i will never jeopardize the beans" instead of answering

r/relationships: "My (30 M) girlfriend (30 F) buried all of my beans in the woods and won't tell me where, causing a fight between us."

i don't normally cross-post screenshots but if i don't scream about the beans here i'll die, sorry cybre

Boris Johnson is in the ICU. Sending thoughts and prayers to the coronavirus in his body right now, willing it to stay strong. 💚

Free food for anyone in New York City (not just schoolkids), via dept. of education

Hey San Diego comrades,

PSL San Diego is launching a campaign to demand a moratorium on evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut-offs with no accumulation of debt from missed payments!

And, will be taking these demands to local government bodies.

You can endorse the campaign via a google form →

(from Jose Cortes's post

took 8ball outside for a walk on his leash. he ate some ants and then rolled down a hill.

i see grass outside and immediately start trying to buy quail chicks via the internet

*throws some lamb's quarter seeds at the ground*

you're a weed. get your shit together.

it's also possible that tomorrow we will be overwhelmed with delighted ducks. i find both of these options acceptable.

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went out and flung some rice seed at the creek. possibly someday it will grow into rice.

my new solution was to import the pattern page into inkscape so i could use guides but it's not perfect (if you can make the guides thicker i can't find a setting)

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i got a special pan just to make lazy crumpets (rings were mildly inconvenient) but it doesn't heat evenly on the stove so i might have to become a crumpet-baking weirdo

the disadvantage of cross-stitching from a pdf instead of a printout is that i can't use a ruler to keep track of which column i'm on

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