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happy feral hogs tweet anniversary, here's to 30-50 more.

🦃 Illustriertes Prachtwerk sämtlicher Taubenrassen
Würzburg, Königl. Universitätsdruckerei H. Stürtz a.g.[1906?]

every baby is born knowing karate but then they lose it. sad really.

How come there are lunchladies but no lunchlords

mint is doing a cool new thing where i try to shift+print screen and it throws an error and then will no longer let me click on anything

now instead of manually going through a binder full of printed out grid paper and using a tenkey calculator to add earned leave and pencil it in, i can just take all the sheets out and stick them in the printer and it will automatically add the new rows for me >:3

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I FIGURED IT OUT to no one's surprise it was because i was trying to use select because i was copying a macro WHO CARES I DID IT

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i've finally managed to get excel to only loop through the tables i have listed but i still haven't figured out how to get it to reformat only the last row. i am the only person to have ever wanted to do this.

i stopped wearing glue-on nails because they inevitably popped off and tore my real nails up but today the gel on my middle fingers chipped a little so instead of redoing it i just glued fake nails onto the gel. it is extremely stupid but also if it keeps me from having to redo my nails until this weekend i don't care.

accidentally getting a boner in class and everyone knows because you could hear a loud pennywhistle noise

the last update on my keyboard is that it was in LA on the 12th ;w; technically it could take another month to get here but. i bought it in may and i'm getting antsy. i want my new keyboard. :C

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