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if you want to read a queer polyamorous webnovel that takes place in an open world with a feral hoarder for a protagonist and also some pretty men and monster porn, good news, i am writing one of those and it's free

i tried to sculpt a rose first but realized it was pretty difficult so instead i made a quick little cherry blossom :3 #art #3DArt #3d #NomadSculpt #creativeToots #MastoArt

there is a reward program in this household where my partner gets to ask me for a chibi drawing of any character to reward accomplishments and today they asked for leonas from @KittyUnpretty 's astielle

my favorite thing about 8tracks that no one else has replicated was the thing where you couldn't see the full playlist so the next song was always a surprise

told andrew that dan trachtenberg was the guy who did the new predator and they started singing the "dan becomes a man" theme song

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still not over seeing dan trachtenberg's name attached to big successful projects. he's the podcast guy!! i know i bring it up every time he has another movie but. that's the podcast guy!!!

lmao the cops ignored everyone passing andrew for going to speed limit to pull us over because our car sucks and they have long hair

final verdict on cereal milk pie is that i don't know why you would make pudding from scratch instead of making vanilla instant pudding with cereal milk

Sexy tiefling wearing a t-shirt with explicit text. A real horny boy 

me talking to christians the same way christians talk to me (buddhist):

oh ffs, crunchyroll bought rightstuf

now where am i supposed to buy my cringe shit

i'm having such a hard time focusing on work and not just refreshing a goddamn courtroom livestream page like a ghoul

if you've never tried to make a fully blank facebook profile where you never add anyone or interact with anything it's a nightmare, btw. for the work account i eventually had to start following pages for sanrio characters and stationery stores because it was the only way to make it stop showing me right-wing bullshit. no amount of marking things as misleading or offensive would make it stop.

me on friday, a fool: i'm finally getting ahead of things, i got almost all my invoices entered into the system BEFORE monday!!

the visa statements in the mail that will need to be matched to hundreds of receipts for which department heads have consistently failed to sign off on or else have signed off on twice by mistake: :blobcatpeek:

music algorithms have finally discovered my weakness for darksynth, which i also was not aware of

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*sighs and add the carpenter brut cover of maniac to minnow's playlist*

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