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It has been a very busy month, not much interwebs activity! Slowly making my way back to it, especially for #mastoart :). Here's a tiny piece with an 100% crop for #cdchallenge #krita #sketch #digitalart #digitalpainting #conceptart

for a mere FIFTEEN DOLLARS i can fill two birch logs with mushroom spawn, how can i resist

A nice, cool, fall-themed illustration for these oppressively humid summer days.

#art #mastoart #drawing #illustration #fairy #owl #fantasyart #digitalart

So... I bin absent 😓 There are times that I get myself into a big ol' funk and I tend to withdraw, not make art, avoid social media and just generally sit around being all sad n'stuff.

But I have a fix, of sorts. It's called "sit down and make stuff". So I cleaned out my lil studio, then made a big ol mess scrubbing out some quick oil portraits. Just finished this lady, and I'm feeling real good for the first time in a while 😊

#mastoart #arttoot #art #painting #portrait #oilpainting #oils

i think i'm definitely going to be going full swamp hag in the next couple months

(i prefer this framing to 'moving back in with my mom')

i really... want to order some mushroom plug spawn

Ok, so the comic I draw, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is being adapted for Netflix. Season 1 drops October 26th. Here are the first 2 promo photos! If you hear a sound off in the distance, that's just me crying tears of joy over how perfect this all looks.

WHY can't i ever have a manic episode hyperfocused on something USEFUL

as a single fic author trying to write a single cohesive narrative beholden to no one, killing jason todd makes no fucking sense

"what if i just got rid of everything i own to move into the troll shack in the woods" - me, in response to every minor inconvenience

i feel like most people who talk about becoming a swamp hag do not actually have a shack or swamp available to them, and therefore do not actually struggle with temptation the way i do

who owns the abandoned train cars on the side of the road. can i just take one. and live in it. who could stop me.

i've decided my website is ugly as hell and needs to be re-themed, but first i need to finish these commissions from A MONTH AGO and then i need to update my rp threads from A YEAR AGO and then i need to finish editing unprofessional behavior so i can have someone else do a second round of edits and then i need to finish this fic archive site i've been working on and

the hunt for a photoshop alternative that will satisfy my unbelievably finicky whims continues

it's weird how much of last night's dream involved biding my time and sorting out logistics so someone else could save the day

days where i run but don't manage to hit my 10k step goal feel so unfair

i RAN, give me a TROPHY or BADGE

my sleep schedule is so close to being fixed, i'm so excited

oh my god @shinesurge this is fucking gold HIS LITTLE FACE I'M :blobpopcorn: