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i feel like most of that 15-hour dream was nonsense but 'hiding a murder victim inside another corpse' feels like something i can use somewhere

Some arts I've done recently. I'm an illustrator looking to work on games and books!

i've spent the last eight years trying to find desktop music software that i like as much as i liked zune

i want a tent with a beanbag in it

someone make this happen

DOCTOR: Yes, I should be go-- good LORD what is happening in here?

MAN: The great clown Pagliacci?

DOCTOR: The great clown Pagliacci. At this time of year. At this time of day in this part of the country. Localized ENTIRELY within my office?

MAN: Yes.

DOCTOR: May I see him?

MAN: but doctor

A couple pages from Archie VS Predator II #1, hitting comic shops later this month.

yesterday i spent $10 on a crinoline and a grappling hook, and today i burnt my mouth on a s'more i made in the oven, so i think i just make a lot of good choices

boy are you a blockchain transaction because i am extremely uninterested in an explanation for your behavior

when you think about it, the idea that software should scale is actually really weird. "sure this garden is nice, but how nice can it be if it doesn't grow to cover the entire surface of the earth?"

sometimes i just wanna take a red pen to the dialogue of actual human beings to say "what was this sentence intended to accomplish? was it necessary?"

but instead i mind my business because i have Manners

there are days when i have just absolutely no patience for people saying words just for the sake of participating in a conversation while contributing nothing of value and with no meaningful intent

please cw all non-lewd posts with "prude". i dont wanna see that shit. you're disgusting

somebody once told me
you're gonna wake up hungry
don't eat the plums i left in the fridge

in the morning i was dumb
and my tongue was kinda numb
so i foraged around for some breakfast

well the plums start coming and they don't stop coming
once you eat one you just can't stop plumming
don't stop to think till they're all gone
i think oh shit you've done it now shaun
so much to eat so much to chow
why did i go for the plums now
i'd better leave a good note
so here's the thing that i wrote

Changing the UI so instead of "Federated Timeline" it just says "Here be Monsters"

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