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Currently, all my ongoing stories/series are to be considered "on hiatus" until further notice in favor of focusing on finishing The Shadow's trilogy.

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We had already planned out some stuff, but we're pretty sure we can now add more to the "planned out" section.

If we had to estimate, we'd say that The Shadow's Torment is about 40% written (35% if we exclude that scene we gotta completely rewrite) and 80% planned out.

Meanwhile, The Shadow's Trial is probably only about 5% written and 40% planned out.

But both of those stories' planned content just grew in the past few minutes, so... hehe

Also, it's coming along nicely if I do say so myself. There's still quite a bit left to add to the story, but the parts that are already typed out are pretty good (excluding one scene that I'm gonna need to change entirely cuz of how it doesn't quite fit with the flow...)

Heh. Went to write more for The Shadow's Torment and got curious about the word count. We enabled the "display word count while typing" option, only to find out that Google can't handle this much power all at once. hehe

An idea for an isekai 

Honestly, I'm thinking that the only big feature left to implement is the periodic sync, which shouldn't be too difficult. I'd just need to add a systemd timer and likely some adjustments to the scripting process to only call the `` scripts instead of the `` ones.

At that point, I should be able to release v1.0 since it'll pretty much have all the major features I was planning. The user choices during install can be added on later.

Shader-RAM received an unexpected update today, courtesy of @violet.

Basically, there should be massive speed improvements on bootup thanks to her optimizations for the Steam & DXVK modules' search functions -- especially on cluttered filesystems.

I've released v0.4.4 with her changes, which you can find here:

Heh. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for a story, so here we are.

Honestly, this opening doesn't really give much of the story itself away. It's just showing the mechanism by which everything else begins. No idea on the title yet, either.

Ultimately, the girlfriend is just gonna be a minor character, but I figure I'd share anyway.

Image descriptions are once again too long, so like usual, I'll post a link to the finished story when I'm done.

And here's the completed version:

"9747" is as close as I could get to "PLRL" with numbers.

I've decided that as a big "fuck you" to the SCP mods, I will create an SCP that deals with plural people. It's unfinished atm, but here's the first part. (The later logs are fleshing out a lot of detail.)

There won't be any image descriptions due to the length, but I'll put it up on my site and post a link once I'm done.

I have the final boss fight done for and just need to finish up the aftermath. Also, in terms of the rest, I have the first half all written up. I'd estimate that 60% of it is written atm.

Some might remember me linking a preview of the opening a couple weeks ago. Well, I've made a few minor changes and it's officially linked on my WordPress site now. You can find it, as well as 's first story here:

I wanna introduce y'all to a character in 's trilogy. Her name is The Angel. This takes place near the end of the second story.

cw for major spoilers for the first story if you haven't read it, as well as minor spoilers for the second

The Shadow's Torment teaser 

So, I consider myself a writer. But for years, I've struggled with telling plot-driven fictions. I think being a dungeon master got in the way: I got too used to letting dice rolls and player commentary decide the fate of the story.

But I think I've just figured out the plot for a science-fiction story. Read more at

#AmWriting #TheOkaga #SciFi

After weeks of a dry spell, I finally got the drive to write a bit of The Shadow's Torment.

I'm currently focusing on the "final boss" fight. Though much of the entire story isn't written yet, I have this one already planned out in its entirety, so it's something I don't have to think a lot about in order to write it.

This is dire, tbh. I literally have the phone I'm typing this on and one set of backup phones that I have to split my apps between in order to ensure they don't slow down.

If anyone has anything they can ship my way, I'll take it. If anyone can buy something for me, I'll take it. Hell, I'll take an old Raspberry Pi or netbook if someone doesn't need one of theirs anymore.

I just need something I can use for my day-to-day stuff that doesn't have a 5" screen, even if it's not capable of gaming.

If I could stop having bad dreams where I wake up crying like I did with this one, that'd be great... :/

Like, they're good stories with amazing detail, but they're so, so heartwrenching.

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