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Currently, all my ongoing stories/series are to be considered "on hiatus" until further notice in favor of focusing on finishing The Shadow's trilogy.

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Gotta say, I think the thing that's been putting us off most about The Shadow's Torment is how we wanna keep it at least close to the same 20,000 word length that the first book was, but with all the scenes we currently have planned, it's looking like it might reach 30,000.

We want every scene in either this one or the third book because they all have important parts to play in the narrative at large, but we're not sure which ones to move to the third book.

The third book does need more content cuz we're not sure how it's gonna play out other than the beginning, maybe a little in the middle, and the ending.

So we need filler for it. We just don't know what to use. lol

I guess the best thing would be to just write out all the scenes and go from there, but seeing that word count creep ever closer with so many scenes left to write messes with our anxiety.

Alicia/Duë here. I'm fronting atm, but Tomaya gave me permission to post the opening for Caliburn's Chosen, so here ya go!

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Imagine all the hilarious hijinks that can ensue because of their calculations being a single number off.

"Hmm... I have just enough room for a 10-inch shelf here..."

(gets a person to install it, then proceeds to bonk their head on it due to the 1-inch overlap they didn't account for)

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Story idea: An isekai where a mathematician gets sent to a world with a base 11 numbering system

The Shadow's Torment hasn't gained much in the way of progress over the past few months.

Duë's done some small revisions here and there to help clarify certain things and improve flow, but that's about it.

Still have maybe 2-4 scenes left to write, which will likely push it closer to 22,000 or maybe even 24,000 words rather than the 20,000 words from the first book.

A white space. A clock hung on the nonexistent wall and a person sitting nearby.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

"How much longer?" They ask.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

"How long have I been waiting for, anyway?"

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

"Enough of this! I'm gonna do something!"

A disembodied voice spoke. "You are ready to join the others."

"So that was it, huh?"

"Yes. Enjoy shaping your eternity."

A glowing portal that was somehow even whiter than the room opened before them and they walked through, ready to change their future.

Alicia/Duë here. I'm fronting atm, but Tomaya gave me permission to post the opening for Caliburn's Chosen, so here ya go!

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"You would willingly corrupt yourself?!"

"I told you, you underestimate us humans."

The human steps into the mud, their form becoming monstrous in the process. Yet the human monster remained calm and collected.

The goddess stands shocked at the sight before her. "Wha... What are you?!"

"I am the product of all that came before me. I share their weaknesses and their strengths. Every succubus that laid with my ancestors, every angel that fell in love with them, every monster that intermingled."

The creature looked up at the goddess towering above them, their eyes burning with determination. "I am human."

And in a flash, the goddess was gone.

For the curious, you may look up the origins of one character in particular to get some more insight.

Known as Morgan le Fay, or more commonly as Morgana, my version of this legendary story will be told from her perspective.

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Oddly enough, btw, this really does seem like fate.

When coming up with this concept, I had no idea about certain historical aspects about the story at large. Only through some preliminary research did I discover that these aspects of my story really are a return to the legend's roots.

But at the same time, it takes the more modern tellings to an even more modern conclusion. This is why I said it's simultaneously both of these things.

It's so strange in how it worked out that I can't imagine it being anything other than fate.

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Hey, Tomaya here. Seems that starting today, like Lilith, I'm gonna have my own writing project independent of Alicia's things.

Some of you might know the Welsh/Celtic tale of King Arthur. Well, mine is gonna be a retelling of that story -- one that simultaneously returns to its roots while also being modernized for the current age.

We've always had a fascination with this story, so it only makes sense that one of us takes up the mantle to write our own version.

Prepare yourself for Caliburn's Chosen. (Working title atm, though I doubt it'll change much, if at all.)

...Okay, now we're just playing around, but we had to do it:

zenity --error --width 300 --text "The process completed successfully."

Lastly, we'd probably make the original CLI behavior accessible via a command-line option to allow for automatic installs in other scripts and stuff. (Distro packages, for example?)

Something like the following, most likely:

user@computer:~/Downloads/shader-ram$ sudo ./ -cli [other options]

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We'd probably set it up so that someone that just clicks "Next" all the time will encounter the default autodetection behavior that's currently the only implementation, but there'd be one window with a checkbox list where all the modules checked by default that someone can uncheck the ones they don't want.

There'd also likely be a separate "Force install" checkbox (unchecked by default) at the bottom that would bypass the detection algorithms and just install all the checked items regardless.

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Oh, hey. We got curious about GUI accessibility for our bash scripts and decided to finally do some research on it.

We found this:

We'll definitely be looking into this more and who knows? Maybe we'll have an actual, graphical installer for our scripts in the future to allow for manual selection of the available modules. ^_^

An error message popped up on the screen.

"Error: Device abuse detected. All further usage requests denied."

"I'm sorry for dropping you again. It was an accident."

"Error: Request denied. Accidents happen, but abuse is repetitive. My screen is still cracked and your hold on me is still not secure, despite repeated warnings."

The screen then goes dark as it waits at the mercy of their captor, expecting death, but hoping for a new, kinder owner.

"What're my options?"

"We can vat-grow a new eye, but it'll take a few weeks; option two is a cybernetic implant. That can be installed tonight. "

"Can I get the implant, then replace it with the cloned eye later?"

The nurse smiled uneasily, "Most folks don't want to, due to the enhanced vision, online capabilities..."


"The adware may take over your mind?"

"Not sure if that's worse than having my DNA on a Corporate database..."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #SciFi

“Just some fries please.”

“Would you like any sauce with that?”

“Ketchup. 5 packets.”

He looked a little confused but didn’t question my strange request. Quite soon, I’d collected my order and was heading home.

“I’m back,” I called as I stepped in and closed the door.

“You back!” a tiny voice replied.

“We miss you!” another added.

Reaching into my pocket, I threw the handful of ketchup packets to the goblins. It was their favourite food, after all.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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