so i just took the first step in getting therapy. hopefully that's a thing that happens...

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i wonder how the hell i am going to explain the fediverse to them

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@aschmitz i really hope so too. i haven't started yet, but i'm working with this group of therapists to find one that i would get along with. should get a phone call tomorrow or monday

@KitRedgrave Oh that's a cool way to do it, and helps work around one of the more common concerns. Best of luck, even if it doesn't work out the first time or so.

@KitRedgrave I explained it to someone that it was like running twitter but for your friends and family.... and all the twitters can talk to each other like phones can talk across phone providers :’)

@KitRedgrave i gave mine the overview containing exactly what she needs to know:
• it's a chat system with a lot of queer and specifically trans people on it
• many of whom i want to sleep with
• few of whom live anywhere near me 😭

abuse mention, meta 

abuse mention, meta 

abuse mention, meta 

abuse mention, meta 

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