the fediverse is bad actually

but every other option is worse

@cadey idk i think we could do better, even if i don't know exactly how at the moment

@KitRedgrave @cadey Fluid opt-in community adminship, resolved and overrideable at the local level.
Message passing over a distributed, metadata resistant medium.
Smooth jazz plays from a porch over the lapping of the waves as the sky changes to a brilliant watercolor of pinks and oranges.

@KitRedgrave @cadey (Maybe. There are a lot of details that elides over and it might not even be workable at all. But, maybe?)

@cadey @KitRedgrave Which part?
I'm not saying that anything close to the Fediverse could be done in any metadata-resistant way -- I'm fine embedding/revealing part-to-all of social graphs in the artefacts and protocol. Just that reducing metadata (IP, addresses, DMs would be nice) is probably always a major net gain.

@cadey @KitRedgrave Or was your objection to the first one, which is... probably even less well-thought-out?

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