did 70s sci-fi novels and magazines turn me into a trans queer gay

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bad sci-fi, probable racism 

some of them were problematic as FUCK

like this short story i found about some physicists on this planet figuring out some wave and shit that only affected people who weren't of caucasian race and just like

what the fuck

the laws of physics don't work like that, you fucks

i would punch you in the jaw if you weren't probably dead of old age by now

bad sci-fi, probable racism 

@KitRedgrave One of the most influential American SF magazine editors of the "classic" era was a bigtime racist and eugenicist so there's a fair amount of that if you look for it.

bad sci-fi, probable racism 

@ghost_bird i mean

if you think humanity is a genetics experiment and not, like *people* that are deserving of agency

then you could totally see it that way

which is kinda disgusting

bad sci-fi, probable racism 

@KitRedgrave Or if you idolise "science" and "reason" without thinking critically about context.

bad sci-fi, probable racism 

@ghost_bird the irony

they did not think scientifcally and critically about science and reason

bad sci-fi, probable racism 

@KitRedgrave It's the cause of "engineers disease". Engineers are clever people who work with complex systems but don't need to examine the basis of those systems. That makes them suckers for anything that flatters their cleverness and looks consistent, even if the premises are bad. Hence basically every Silicon Valley fad, among other things.

bad sci-fi, probable racism 

@ghost_bird yeah. i am at the point now where i can't even consider my knowledge complete unless i know what the whole system is for and what the basis is.

just because so much bad has happened by NOT asking

bad sci-fi, probable racism 

@KitRedgrave "Sixth Column", by Heinlein?

(Although apparently that one was someone else's plot/original thing that Heinlein was handed and said "make this better and like actually pubishable" and he didn't actually come up with that.)

No, the queer was inside you all along. They just helped you find it.

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