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let's waste time on this flight by watching the matrix again

how about i give you the finger

and you give me my phone call

what good is a phone call if you're... unable to speak?

you've been down that road, neo. you know exactly where it leads

and it's not where you want to be

you have the look of a man who accepts what he sees, because you expect to wake up soon

this movie is secretly really trans in a way that you wouldn't realize unless you were looking for something

oh hey metatext

"i can't go back, can i?"

"no. but if you could, would you really want to?"

i love how tank is just in disbelief from how much neo can take downloaded into his brain

you're faster than this.

don't think you are, know you are.

holy shit this speech morpheus makes about everyone being stuck in the system can be applied to uncomfortably many things

that shot of a cop right then. the wachowskis knew what they were doing.

"they are the gatekeepers. they are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys, which means that sooner or later someone is going to have to fight them."

to deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human

sorry, kid. you got the gift, but you're waiting for something.

you'll remember that you don't believe in any of this fate crap. that you're in control of your own life.

if he's the one, there has to be some kind of a miracle to save him.

how can he be the one if he's DEAD?

never send a human to do a machine's job

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please remove any metallic items you have. keys, glasses ...

holy shit!!!

i'm going to hang up this phone, and show them what you don't want them to see

@KitRedgrave thank you for so much for live tooting this, it's been great to relive these memories

@KitRedgrave True story, I was just reading its screenplay today, trying to learn from the masters.

It's also fun to find the very minor differences between the screenplay and the final thing.

@JordiGH they dropped the reference to baudrillard in the construct :(

@KitRedgrave I think it kind of works better that way, don't you? Too on-the-nose to draw attention to it via dialogue. Although I do like that the screenplay said that human energy is just a spark the machines needed to initiate their form of fusion.

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