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i will never be anything special

and that's okay

it's a garbage can, not a garbage cannot

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a word for you all here, blasted out to the fediverse at large. nailing it to the door.

if you are in a situation to, please deal with your emotional problems.

they don't just affect you, they affect everyone around you that you have any kind of relationship to.

if everyone is like that, you get the kind of dysfunctional social dynamics we see on twitter and here.

yes this place too is pretty bad about it.

i have seen many people burned by it.

stop doing that.

it's nice to feel like i slept a long time and still be up before noon

Lord if you want to see a comments section really pick up after itself god bless rock paper shotgun cos their supporters stand up and make me proud

ˢ ₑ ˡ ᵉ ᶜ ₜ * ғ ʀ ᵒ ᴍ ᴜ s ₑ ʀ ˢ ᴡ ₕ ₑ ᵣ ᵉ ᴘ ₐ ˢ s ʷ ᵒ ʳ ᴅ = 'ʰ ᵤ ɴ ᵗ ᵉ ʀ 2';

I thought the milk in bags thing was just referring to jugs in a weird way

but no they are legit fucking bags of milk

i can't deal

Tim Pennings noticed that his Welsh corgi, Elvis, seemed to follow the optimal path when chasing a ball thrown into Lake Michigan — Elvis seemed to realize that he ran faster than he swam, and so could minimize his retrieval time by racing intelligently along the beach before jumping into the water. But how did he make these judgments?

“We confess that although he made good choices, Elvis does not know calculus,” Pennings wrote. “In fact, he has trouble differentiating even simple polynomials.”

you could probably read a lot of things into this

some of them would be true

you ever want to post something

but you know exactly how the conversation would go

so there's no need to do anything

to do it right I'd pretty much have to reimplement the entire world renderer and storage ... because it would be so sparse that you would be storing way too many air blocks if this is going to really give you the impression of space being really big

my imaginings have gone wild

what if you could fly out into space in minecraft? go asteroid mining, build a space habitat somewhere in solar orbit

hot take

descent-style flying vehicles in Minecraft would be cool but kinda useless


space dimension? owo

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