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did 70s sci-fi novels and magazines turn me into a trans queer gay

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i will never be anything special

and that's okay

it's a garbage can, not a garbage cannot

it's ironic how the modpacks i have a lot of success mining in are the modpacks i don't actually need all this stuff for

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@TheGibson lmao i thought this rendition of "baby dont hurt me" was just what the end of the radio program was playing

and i was like, "wow 2600 has some interesting taste"

but then it kept going

the strand is a cool bookstore

i should go back to new york sometime this year

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maybe i should distro hop again

@lifning showed me that bedrock linux is p cool but i have no idea how that doesn't become a total ball of mud

void linux is not the thing for me though. it is looking like it's also becoming a ball of mud that's not super maintained and doesn't have a lot of stuff i want

Fediverse should have some code where if two people horntpost at each other too many times it teleports one of them to the other.

check this out: communism

:promoted: the dictatorship of the proletariat

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