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tech misinfo 

To be OpenShift certified you have to say "Service Serving Certificate Secrets" ten times without messing up


what if I used this weekend to actually get into rust dev and give Vec that one method I've been yearning for :thonking:

You Are The Jumpmaster came on my workout playlist, so now it’s playing on repeat. Sorry, other songs.

programming confession 

Every time I use the Java validation API I like Java a little more. Definitely helps offset... a lot

rust complain 

I see your type isn’t Unpin

Would be a shame if I

pulled a pro gamer move

*does a C++ style error message*

*puts on conspiracy cap* pretty coincidental timing there, Alaska

Red Hat has sales reps. SUSE has... scales reps?

The realization is that validation is a way to emulate having a more specific type system. You don't have a type that represents all strings that happen to be valid, parseable numbers, and you don't have a type that is all nonzero numbers.

Validations are _epimorphisms_. Mapping is an _epimorphism_. The difference being how you structure them either lends it self to being serially workable or parallellably(?) workable.

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I just had an epiphany about the disconnect between mapping and validation.


Deserializing 2 strings into 2 numbers, and making sure both are nonzero.

If they're both numbers, and both are zero, you can easily get information about _both_ of them being wrong. That leads to a good user experience.

However, if one of them is a string without any digits in it, that's a mapping error, and you only get to see that one error (in most ecosystems). Nothing about the other one. Bad user experience.

I just had the pleasure of writing a `@NotNullIsland` validation annotation for a java coordinate type.

yesss github finally exposes "ignore whitespace changes in diffs" in the UI

piping hot tech lang take 

c++ is a research language. Look at the error output, clearly they don't intend for people to actually use it, right?

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