@atoponce consulting for Linuxy stuff, so sysadmin does come into play sometimes.

@atoponce Howdy!

Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent ZFS blog posts-- learning ZFS from those was what landed me my first internship, which kickstarted the rest of my career.

Who knows where I'd be without them?

techy, I can't believe I'm saying this 

Kotlin needs a standard 3-clause for-loop

painting myself into a corner in kotlin 

I want to be able to do `Date at Time`.

The first part is easy enough: `infix fun Date.at(time: Time): DateTime`.

But how do I do 24-hour time nicely? If it's normally said in English as "1500 (fifteen hundred) hours", then I can't do `val Int.hours: Time get() = Time(this / 100, this % 100)` because that's already defined for making a `Duration` :/

techy + 

@frostclaws "I don't think there are many Swift-/native/ libraries on Linux" is exactly what I was worried about, though.

techy + 

@frostclaws I've been meaning to. I'm entering the trough of disillusionment with Rust and I'm curious about Swift.

Is the ecosystem still unfortunately apple-dependent?

Who called it VS Code and not Work From Chrome

really bad rust joke 

a follow-up to yew called crankdat

techy, practices 

I'm starting to think that improving your tooling and processes results in linear improvements, but technical debt is just that-- debt. It grows exponentially, compounding on itself.

So if you're not starting improving early, actively, and mindfully, then you're in a bad spot.

potential good news re: uspol, food labeling rule changes, health and safety 

@ghosty I shared this on facesite and a friend responded:

> There's actually nothing wrong with this. It's saying that if the new ingredient is an allergen, the label must still change. The "as appropriate" means that these rules must be applied to any situation that could possibly fit the criteria rather than them having to enumerate the specifics.

> FDA guidelines use very specific language, and it can take a bit to figure out how they communicate.

> Source: I work in food label regulation compliance

food, for all originally from the NY tristate area 

Get yo self some shipped bagels


SCATHING fp take 

It's actually fine if your lang can't represent `Maybe (Maybe a)` because there's never a situation where that isn't confusing and should be replaced with a custom sum type

Granted, those that can't represent that don't usually have sum types... :(

brought to you by someone suggesting vim replace hjkl with wasd

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the shortcomings of the unix philosophy 

I've been thinking about "evidence" that the unix philosophy was either a lie or not fully realized enough to be useful.

I'd need to find more, but there's one that stands out:

What's the standard way to turn a unix timestamp into a readable date/time, in the shell?

(hint: there isn't one)

programming thoughts 

This is one of the core tenants of the lang I'm sorta designing.

Perl tried to do this, but looked at the strange syntax of these tools and said "let's make it even stranger".

There's some overlap of "make programs that do one thing, work with text streams, and we'll give you a tool to compose them" and functional programming.

One simple syntax, and terseness accomplished only through the power of composition is the solution.

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