If I ever have the time, I'd like to someday contribute the following features to rust's stdlib:

- macros to give us "hashmap / hashset" literals just like we have `vec!`
- the ability to mutably retrieve multiple hashmap members at once, a-la vec's split_at_mut

Alternatively, do this with the elvish shell instead.

Maybe this is a ridiculous idea, but can you imagine if powershell for Linux had a built in glib integration? You’d have a shell language with an object system that integrates with many existing Linux desktop apps

Oh and here's the start of an in-memory 9p filesystem server in !

Hey peeps--

Can we standardize a way to distribute "books" with crates? e.g. the useful guides that help with failure, diesel, rocket, etc.

I also maybe don't know how to use godbolt

Also I don't know x86 so welp

Trying to test how rust would optimize different layouts to find the optimal design for my 9p project, but...

I can't figure out how to introduce enough indirection to get it to not optimize the whole thing away anyway 🙃

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I've almost automated the process of converting the upstream RHEL7 KVM images into vagrant-ready boxes!

Some day I'm going to make a markup language that combines the simplicity of Markdown with the power of ReStructured Text and call it DocBrown.

Source code compilation as a form of one-way decompression :thaenkin:

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I've got a super simple single-threaded server going for it too, just needs some finishing touches. And maybe I could easily multithread it? (Famous last words...)

all that remains is talking to the current owner of the nine crate on crates.io and getting permission to replace it, but I don't think that'll be an issue-- we were coordinating on it ages ago and they're not really interested anymore.

It's finally done. (ish.)

9p messages, serialization and deserialization in rust: github.com/KevinMGranger/nine

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