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If you start writing your program's entry point while flying in certain parts of Europe, you might be surprised to find that your work is gone once you land. You see, Show more

Gotta figure out how to create a proper gif of this but here

New version of cargo-pando! Test your code against all the toolchains listed in .travis.yml in parallel! And with pretty progress bars for each, too.

The problem with this Hobbs & Shaw movie is how am I gonna *not* root for Idris Elba?

I have been cramming my cpap in my backpack for flights for years and I'm only just now learning that if I used the carrying case for it it wouldn't have counted towards my carryon limit asodijfawiofhjwefkl

The specific use case is futures that own a resource that can/should be reclaimed upon cancellation. For example, in tokio-fs, file operations all need to own the File and you should be able to reclaim the file if waiting on some operation times out.

Hey fedi-- There's a use case that I don't think the current std::future::Future proposal handles. Should I just be commenting on the RFC? I know there's been a lot of talk about how the process isn't scalable and I don't want to contribute to the noise.

I'm glad I'm learning a lot about tokio while rewriting my pando project. I may even send a PR or two upstream to handle some file operations a little cleaner.

Hey folks, I'd appreciate your eyes on this: it lets you test your crate repo against every toolchain you have installed. It's still super rough around the edges but I'm wondering if y'all see any obvious issues so far. github.com/KevinMGranger/cargo

If I ever have the time, I'd like to someday contribute the following features to rust's stdlib:

- macros to give us "hashmap / hashset" literals just like we have `vec!`
- the ability to mutably retrieve multiple hashmap members at once, a-la vec's split_at_mut

Alternatively, do this with the elvish shell instead.

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