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@sid Good luck Maeve I hope if you have to, that it goes better than you could have ever expected!

anyone know how to view the local timeline of a mastodon instance before signing up, like to get a feel for the place w/o having already made an account?

@Wayril yes. That and time, I'ts like always some fire pops up I have to put out when I get like 90% dry :/ Between the ADD and the super dependent family members..

@Earthshine what has you on a big cross country trip w/ your bike in tow again, if its ok to ask? I've been so caught up in my own stuff I have not had the bandwidth to keep up with anything going on :/

@Wayril for a long time now I had just given up on painting my nails for that very reason, -always- would mess them up before they dried, SO annoying!

@Earthshine that sucks about the poor / no sleep. I can really relate, I had (still do sorta) issues with pain trying different mattress etc, but just could not get good rest, stay asleep etc. SO cranky, totally get that! What's got sleeping space at a minimum in the van right now?

@Pheebe Originally i had considered a single proper level sensor like this vs the dumb binary detection scheme I went with, was worried about cost, pit space & reliability, but you bringing up corrosion, over a decade that really could factor in alot. Plus with a proper sensor I can do things like monitor rate of level change vs pump current, and flag if any issues start to occur, like mild clogging or pump wear etc!

@Pheebe that's really cool! When I have time to dedicate back to this I'm going to see if I can make one of these, or maybe go with the ultrasonic, I saw someone use a PI ultrasonic hat to sense pit levels when I was researching this. Cost and pit space will be the main constraints.

@Pheebe I had not looked into those. thanks! I'm slightly concerned about corrosion too, based the idea off the tons of "leak detector" sensors I saw on Amazon, that were nothing more than 2 bits of metal w/ wiring terminals and a 3d printed housing, maybe just junk? A question on the capacitive sensors, the ones I've seen since reading your message all appear to have circuity at the top of the sensor board, so I assume they would not work under 1' of water, for the ones that will be submerged, I'll keep looking into options, but do you know of any that are designed to be fully submerged?

@Earthshine you are so right. It really is a roll the dice thing now, I have heard, (though I have no idea how reputable the source) that a lot of reviews, amazon and otherwise are actually paid / fake, as archer would say, where's the trust? AGH!

@Pheebe I didn't even stop to think about the voltage 🀦

So my instance is closing down. I need to find a new place to call home on mastodon. Anyone have some suggestions of places you'd think I'd fit in well at?

@ottaross I've had tendon things before, I was on bed rest for months after messing up my heel, I really hope this clears up for you, in my case I didn't back off enough soon enough, and paid a hefty price, still am, nearly 2 years later. If it still bothers now, can you see a specialist?

@someodd nice!! I have a VT420 that years ago I setup as a serial to my desktop, used pine/alpine etc, did most stuff on it, was cool. Good memories.

@s0 sad I missed you doing this, sounds like it would have been cool!

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