@sid I was out of touch for a bit, but sounds like all went well, which if I'm right, I'm glad for!

@Earthshine really awesome you have such good people in your life, even more so that you can truly appreciate her gift of using her space and tools for the gift it is. It's like a two way street of awesome.

@Earthshine I'm sure it will! now that you said it its obvious, but I had overlooked that benefit!

@Earthshine I really like the fold-down design, doubles as a awning when its up too!

@Earthshine relateable. "I'm not very productive today" (takes pill) "I'm super efficiently being unproductive today"

@Earthshine thought that was an enhanced security feature ;)

@Earthshine AH! nothing like a breakdown to spur tool buyage :/ Sucks about the crank sensor dropping out like that, I miss the days of redundancy, those old gm systems that any 2 sensors could fail and it would still run (poorly, but limp home at least). I was scrambling the last few days, looks like you've been busy on the solar front! Nice that you have the shore power hookup from your friend while you get things up and running.

@Earthshine wow literally I can relate on all of those, heat, fatigue, depression and adhd, it's cool and all to have someone who gets it, but I know we both would prefer not to get it :/ I'll be attempting a transmission flush on one of our vans this weekend so looks like we will both be suffering under the hood. Down on power, hope its sensor / seals etc, and not like, rings. How good a ODB scanner do you have? If you want someone to bounce theories off of as you troubleshoot I can be an ear. I don't know about you, but I sometimes find it helpful when I'm stumped.

@Earthshine I've been feeling similarly for a while now too, but I'm starting to see some brighter light in recent days, I hope you get some brighter days soon too. I hope at least the van is serving you well?

@Earthshine congrats on both your birthday, and your one year anniversary of taking a stand.

I’ve had to just make a choice, and go with the RPI, apparently my use case isn’t in the wheel house of anyone I know, since I got no real usable strategy comparison. With the delays I am going to have to come up with a placeholder solution till I have the time to dig into the details of how to make all the detectors and what not work with the RPI, but the basic concept is this:

@devurandom thanks for the info! I had not heard of this one yet. We have seen a significant constant climb in these scams here since the start of the pandemic. I'll be sure to let everyone I know IRL about this, very glad you didn't get fished!

@kwf totally awesome! My wife found a rail heritage museum in the next state over which offers a course and at the end you get to drive a train, though it was expensive I kept thinking it would be really cool. Seeing your sister get to drive,_really_ makes me want to go for it! How long did each of you get to drive for?

Lasers and face 

@Pheebe Those sessions when we went up in power were always, intense. YMMV, but something that worked for me -mostly- was taking arnica before, and using calendula gel afterwards.

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