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Success this morning, before the heat & humidity got too much for me I managed to finish the front axle (is it still an axle if it doesn’t rotate?) Anyhow now the deck frame is fully done. It has nothing to keep it from disconnecting from the tractor when I back up, so once I fab up something for that all that is left is electrical, and testing blade sharpening etc.

I had planned on finishing up the front wheels on the mower and maybe even doing moving tests with it to test strength, but mom's van is due for inspection this month, and has developed an intermittent failure of the wipers, so this will be my reading for the forseable..

After today's successful progress on the mower deck, I decided to mess with FreeCAD again, my goal to see if I could figure out how to assemble things, the dump tank I made and the framing, just a proof of concept, but later I will need to be able to make assemblies like this. It took me less than 10 minutes to figure out the export, import, modifications and assembly. I'm really starting to feel like I can get my head around this, I felt so overwhelmed by it all not but a few months ago!

Yesterday evening I was tired from working on the mower, but instead of mindless TV I tried another FreeCAD tutorial. This is a simple shed floor framing I made, this was from one tutorial, but it was one that really "made sense" to me, he talked in terms and used tools that were familiar enough to me from CADD6 that I could follow easily, and actually did some edits of my own, mostly because I messed up a few measurements from his example, but it proved I actually get the theory this time.

so one of those "things I want to do" on one of my many many lists is learning 3D cad (freecad specifically) I've used CADD6 a old DOS cad a good friend gave me decades ago for all this time, I've wanted to move to 3D but had had a hard time. This was one of my attempts to learn a few months ago, its an RV dump tank. I used bits from a few tutorials to do it, however I could not really see how to go further at the time, and gave up (for the time being)

progress on the mower deck today, suspension frame is done , except for the front wheels / support bar. It's super rough, but if it actually works I will make it better.

Today's off to a good start, put 1.5 hrs in on cleaning moms roof off, big job, one of those things that was let slip while I was down :/ But I'm getting it back under control, little by little.

Friday was a pretty productive day, not only did I do that SiO2 test, but I also gave mom some light in her desk cabinets so she can find stuff easier.

got this done last night! (It's just installed, didn't have time to test anything.) had to pull the video card (only PCIEx16 slot ) hope the onboard video will allow it to boot. Will only use this setup to test the drive, gonna do something different for the actual setup.

@oranje I hit it with everything in my tool kit when I realized how bad it was, It will most likely not turn purple, but will still turn yellow during the healing, and still hurt some. Thankfully I respond extremely well to so called alternative therapies, as this mornings picture shows!

this is what happens when you whip your hand good with a cord head, then -don't- go right in and take arnica

@shoofle you had mentioned making practical & cool things, but no art lately. I think practical & cool things can also be art, maybe? what do you think? its my water filter, first project I used cad to develop, went for some aesthetics that had no actual purpose, but didn't mess with function.


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