🤔 I have 2 non-ideal case options for my LTO-4 tape drive setup:
#1 has enough room to make a shroud and have a dedicated exhaust fan to pull air through the drive, but only will have the front 2 mounting bolts used, the back will rest on a metal lip / be held by friction (the drives mounts are rubber isolated, vibration is an issue for LTO?)
#2 has proper mounting holes for all 4 locations, but not enough room for the above fan / shroud setup, will have to seal off extra case intakes and rely on case fan & PSU fan for flow. Use case of this system is backup for video editing projects, and will only be powered up when performing that task. The goal is drive survive-ability and operational stability (no data errors), noise is not a factor.
If you have experience with HP LTO drives, which do you think is better?
1) better air flow, less secure mounting / more vibration
2) better mounting, less air flow


I found a third case! I guess there is some upside to having too much stuff around... This case has a bit more room between the back of the tape drive and the power supply, so I can made a shroud/fan assembly to suck air through the drive as needed. You can see in the picture I also added a fan blowing air on the SAS card, I remember reading in an article on how to use LTO in Linux, the writer had an issue with his SAS card needing more air flow, so mine has it now. The PSU fan runs full speed all the time, so lots of case flow, I covered alot of the intakes, forcing the air in around the CPU, SAS, HDD, and through the tape drive. I -think- that will cool the drive enough, but I have backup plans if it's not the case.

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