The saga of my leg injury continues, however, I got to do tractor stuff recently

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I love the fact that the tag refers to the actual DEC VAX machines in the Fediverse, while on Twitter, it's all about vaccines... The real anti-vaxxers are developers who exclusively use RISC processors like Alpha, ARM or MIPS.

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Took a quick picture of myself being a wizard to reply to (who is also a lockddown wizard) earlier, but now I'm really into it.

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AliExpress is in fact run by the Ferengi. it all adds up: fraud, counterfeit goods, fishy special offers, flashy banners

Have been relatively inactive on social media, being laid up again with this heel has me pretty discouraged. Not much physically I can change about the situation, but I can do something about my attitude toward it. Maybe today is the day I improve my prospective.

been using the format " tar -rvW video-tarball.tar &> /tmp/backup-results.txt" to take tarballs of my video projects and move them to tape. Problem is the verifying process, it tries to not only verify the tarball I am pushing to tape right now, but the entire rest of the tape, which it of course balks about since the point is to transfer to tape, not backup on tape. Thought I could use the -A to concatenate multiple archives, doesn't work that way tho. Now I see how to do it using MT to move around, but realized 2 things:
1) its WAY to easy for me to overwrite stuff on the tape this way.
2) should have coughed up the extra $$ to get LTO-5 and have LTFS.

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4. Free Software client and server + federation (Example #Matrix and #Quicksy/#XMPP): respects users' freedom (as a user or as a community) and no vendor lock-in
5. Free software client + peer to peer design (Example GNU #Jami, #Briar, #Tox): respects users' freedom and no vendor lock-in

Vendor lock-in: Ability to switch service is too hard because it reauires convincing every contact to move to a new service.

#P2P messengers need both users online at same time to exchange messages.

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1. Non-free software client and server + centralization (Example #WhatsApp): does not respect user's freedom and creates vendor lock-in
2. Free Software client but non-free server + centralization (Example #Telegram): client software respects freedom, server software does not respect freedom and creates vendor lock-in
3. Free Software client and server + centralization (Example #Signal): respect user's freedom but creates vendor lock-in


Pins and bearing for the exercise bike came in, and earlier in the week I did some improving on the shop air system, but unfortunately I have aggravated my heel, and looks like I'll be on the DL list for a while again. Starting out 2021 with more setbacks, not cool.

Right on!! Unfortunately this year I'm going to have to finally do some major cleanout, I have around 10 pcs, and about as many laptops in my storage, desktops range from p4- to athalon 64 (single core) I already culled P1 - P3 desktops last year, but I'm beyond out of space to its time to scrap some more stuff :/ It's amazing how little resources you need to run debian + windowmaker :)

we have 5 toilets, of which 2 have filler issues, and 2 others have flusher leaks. Another today item is figuring out what parts I need and ordering them. The good thing about bulk work is I only have to turn the water off once LOL!

sourcing crank pins and bearings for my 40 yr old air resistance exercise bike is one of the challenges on my docket today.

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My brain after a full day of #studying.

No idea how I did this fulltime during my 20's.
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those rca and scart connectors ^_^


The CRT-Bot Portable!
The latest in entertainment-companionship, now on the go!


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give a man a fish and he'll give you some money
but teach a man to fish and he'll never give you money again so best to keep him ignorant and subscribed to a monthly fish delivery service where your fishing patents prevent him from ever being able to compete with you while you accrue revenue from him until he dies
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Blodeuwedd, the girl made of flowers. Read the Mabinogion, it's fun. There are translations online. :)

#Fractal #Jwildfire #cc0

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Efnisien. Getting niche now, these aren't just Welsh names, they're names from the Mabinogion. #fractal #Jwildfire #cc0

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Generator conversion and upgrade is finally completed. Like the mower deck it was started right around covid, so it's nice to -finally- check it off. Mods include LP conversion, addition of a tach & hour meter, and dedicated 100A charge wiring.

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