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i think that programming the ai for cute insects in a game like minecraft would be like. a dream experience for me.

sci fi thrashmetal concept album about environmentalism and murdering rich people, like that's good fuckig content right there

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the new jon bois is just. really sad omg

this goodwill has a computer section with a ton of old computers, computer parts, and random electronic stuff. I wanted to get a Wii but couldn’t afford it.... it’s a really cool place though.

thrift shopping, extremely fucking cursed painting 

there was also um. This

I didn’t buy this...

thrift shopping, radical 

I unfortunately did not buy this boardgame even though I really wanted to

the catgirl in the top left is my new fursona

Thrift shopping, nudity sorta 

oh hey look at my amazing thrift store purchases

like i'm gonna be real i change my icon and name constantly but i don't know if i can do better for my mastadon moods then "kiss a bug" and joyce looking excited to be in a leather jacket. both describe me on a deep and fundamental level

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every time i sign on here i remember what my icon is and i'm like fuck yeah. hell yeah fuck yeah.

what's weird about being Really Really close to someone is all your normal hiding your shit mechanisms don't work. you try to pretend that you aren't hurting or that you're feeling fine and they see right the fuck through it cause they know you better then anyone you've ever met

people keep liking my roguelike idea! I guess people just want farming sims with demon wife

this is your official juniper warning! junipers are here!

Pitch: a roguelike about escaping from hell where a demon has trapped you. As you try to escape, you become friends with the demon and realized she is trapped as well, when you escape you take her with you to be lesbians

...and then the game transitions to a nice farming sim where you can go re-do runs but for resources instead of Escaping.

curious to see if Dicey Dungeons actually goes anywhere with it's story... roguelikes are impossible to do in that way

listening to janelle monae and avoiding thinking about doctor's appointement later

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