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i used to feel really awkward when people would stare at me in public, and always assume it was due to me being obviously trans and then i'd feel gross and bad

then i started just, whenever it happened, staring right back and giving them a great big smile as confidently as possible. i can't always do it, but it works wonders for my mental state when it works

the way to june's heart is to play kentucky route zero

ok who at the exalted department is a furry who is really into taurs

this is the second book to have them

me: if you send me ur fursona i'll make you an exalted character

someone on mastadon: here's my fursona

me: alright lets spend the next 3 hours doing this

and then i did it :3

also hello mastadon. i am moving! to austin!

a different part of austin!!!!

very excited and have been very busy but finally feel like i'm recovering

pls let me make you a lunar in exalted, pitch me ur fursona and i'll turn it into a lunar

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I’m so happy... lunars is here.... we can make furries in exalted....

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i need to follow like. 10 more cool as hell people hmm

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