animation, bugs, dandelion of the day 

@HTHR keyboard drumset fucking werewolf

no for real i'm gonna find one

@HTHR ever since realizing i can just hit Quickplay and do some dumb monsoon runs that i'll fail with randos i've been so tempted to just waste so much time

@HTHR @melt hey what the fuck you made me remember flatland that book was fucked up

@HTHR also, I firmly believe that if i told you i had learned how to fly that you would somehow violate the laws of physics and learn how to fly faster then whatever random number i put on my imaginary abilities, you're just that fucking competitive

@HTHR Nothin I can say about you would possibly be funnier then the things you babble in your sleep, honestly. You should get your subconscious to roast yourself

today is just a day of awesome news for trans people

@mirzaba heumph. but i could block an individual person?

hey does anyone know if the "hide everything from ___ instance" button actually nlocks that instance? like if i want to make sure nobody from an entire instance sees any of my toots is that doable?

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