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Und wer bringt mir diesmal Sticker mit? Bitte? :heart_nb: 🚀 💾

I finally realized, after almost one year in total computering burnout... I don't hate computer science. I'm actually still totally into the science part of computer science. But I hate academia and almost every industry in the world.

Yes, hi, I'm still around, just not much on because... you know. cybre burnout or whatever.

Please if you want to pay me for being a curious person who just exists exploring interesting things, DM me 😂

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So whats the best place to discuss #Tusky development? I have a lot of ideas for Tusky where I need user input before implementation. Mastodon and Github seem to be the most obvious choices, but I am open for other ideas.

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Reminder: in general, I don't boost images unless they have image descriptions.

I try not to make exceptions unless I describe the images myself. But mostly I don't have the energy so I just don't boost.

And also: either you are already forgetting about image descriptions (because we don't tell you multiple times a day?) because there are so many pictures without or the feature is only working on a few select images. Guess it's not that though :thumbsdown_claw:

Yes I'm pissed, it's really not that hard, just inconvenient. So go and write image descriptions!

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You can see image descriptions in now and I'm very happy about this. The font is a bit too small for me to be able to read without trouble though.

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There's a survey about what EU citizens think about summertime / daylight saving time. Want it gone? Yes please ^^

"Following a number of requests from citizens, from the European Parliament, and from certain EU Member States, the Commission has decided to investigate the functioning of the current EU summertime arrangements and to assess whether or not they should be changed."

It's even easier today. We can build on knowledge and wireless technologies and experience.

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We need to build a new internet, everyone! Like the last time. Maybe it will last us 20 more years until corporations ruin everything again.

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Eyo, Mastodon ~ Any #girlslikeus on the line? I'm feeling alienated everywhere I go. Trans community around here is all transmasc ppl mostly, queer community is all afab (and oblivious to transmisogyny) and feminist community still treats me like a second degree citizen.

How do you deal with that? I mean. I'm feeling down tonight and need a pat on the back, but also, I'm serious about taking life advice if anyone out there has tips.

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Idle question for the fediverse and the homies:

are there any journals or scholars looking at the intersections between disability justice, carceral studies, and policing? Anything that looks at the prison industrial complex through the lens of disability? Or vice versa?

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I have a treasure box full of my handspun yarns, but I don't have enough money rn. So I will let some of them go, if you want to buy them.

They are between 20 and 35 Euros a skein + shipping. We can talk about price. DM me if you're interested :)

upper left:
bottom left:


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Hello world! I'm an assistant professor at #McGill who studies the #sociology of computer science education. I focus on gender issues in #compsci and policies in CS education that lead to gender inequality. #introductions

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This kind of goes back to the point I was talking about code vs culture.

I wish I could just make technical considerations the primary point when deciding what social media I use when I'm online.

But as my words and profile upset people who refuse to view the world outside of their own myopia, I have to consider dealing with waves of harassment as well.

It's a privilege to not have to worry about sustained harassment.

I find this experience is often lacking when people talk software.

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#fiberArts #mastoSpinners #tourDeFleece #tdf18 #handspinning #fibreArts

Look, I wrote up a few suggestions on how we could use the four weeks from now until the tour starts:

Also: have a look at the ravelry thread from time to time, please :) I'm not always able to write in the thread and on mastodon.

Also also: any handspinners who want to join our mastodon tour de fleece team: come over to the ravelry thread and say hi :) you are very welcome to join!

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Kapitalismus oder die eingepflanzte Hybris dass Menschen die viel Geld verdienen, viel Geld _verdienen_.

Wollt ihr mal ganz revolutionär sein? Verteilt Geld um, an Menschen die prekär leben. Bedingungslos. Selbst/Gerade für Luxus.

Und ohne Kekse dafür einzufordern.

Why is it that every time I really need them, all scissors just vanished from the face of the earth?? There should be at least three of them, somewhere? ✂ ✂ ✂

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'RSS is due for a comeback. No ads. No suspicious javascript. Just the signal without the noise.' Now Is The Perfect Time For An #RSS Renaissance

Does this mean we get plain html websites back now?

I would love it.

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Hey #mastospinners :)

Remember the idea to have a Mastodon team for the #tourdefleece? Well, we are doing it. So if you like spinning and sharing spinning pictures with each other and have 3 weeks of spinning fun, come have a look at this thread on ravelry

Say hi and join us :yay:

#fiberarts #fibrearts #handspinning #tdf18

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