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Of course I forgot to tag the second image, so here is my Didilya shawl again

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Look at my fabulous drawing skillz my friends πŸ˜‚ Yes I'm doing this for university. But you have to consider that the exercise is to look at a magazine and draw what you see without looking at all at your world class portrait 😱 This person looks really mean!

I was looking for a small shawl pattern for my turquoise handspun yarn. I looked at all the patterns but now I made up my own :)

It's a skewed, slightly bent triangle with ridges on the plain knit fabric and small cables at the upper garter edge. I like it and it's a simple knit that can happen while talking with people. Exactly what I was looking for.

Breakfast time. The picture is taken from the perspective of me sitting at my desk, laptop with a knitting pattern on screen in the background. There is a big cup of tea with German text on it (grosse pause). And in the foreground is the actual knitting project, which is my grey laminaria shawl. I only have to knit 8 more rows until bindoff!! What you can't see is the music playing in the background. Discovering all the postrock because it just appears in my recommendations.

The picture shows a small light brown dog in the grass next to the river Pegnitz in Nuremberg. We are out enjoying the sunny weather (and getting away from the constant noise at home because of renovations in the apartment above). Maybe we go and find some ice-cream next.

Breakfast on my farfalle socks out of yarn I got at Leipziger Wollefest last month. It's a greyish blue yarn with bits of orange and yellow. The sock in the picture has a small cable pattern on the leg that is supposed to make it look like bows (like farfalle pasta). The foot is knitted in plain stockinette). There is also the ball / cake of yarn and part of a yellow beeswax candle on my wooden table in the picture.

Here is my evening's work. 3 big jars filled with salad and all the nommmmms sitting in my fridge. It was fun but work but fun and I have the best food ready to eat for the next days 😍😊

These is my new year's cast on: socks on 2mm needles and I'm using the Hermione's everyday socks pattern. I like it because it's simple but still gives a nice texture. For these socks I'm only using the pattern on the front half of the sock to see how the pattern is changing the fabric and the colors.

week 2 😊

Here's how those skeins look now that they are dry. I love the deep colors when you dye over already variegated yarns. The last picture shows the before dyeing colors again. The first yarn now has deep dark purple to brown colors, the other two got a dark green color with a bit of browns

It still has to dry, but here are before and after dyeing pictures of my yarn. It's a lot more muted now and I like it 😊 Now I can actually imagine to wear it πŸ’œπŸ’™

Philosopher's Walk Socks. Started in August, had to take a knitting break. But now I continue working on them for

Silvester cast on: socks on my new 2mm needles. It helped and relaxed me last year and that's good for the dog too so here we go again. Love those small needles, because I don't have to knit so tight

I made a hat out of my yarn. It was supposed to be a tree but it looks better as a green slightly glittery hat for my pottery head 😊 🌲


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