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"autism awareness" < please don't Show more

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Hi everyone, I'm Grem and I'm totally new to mastodon. I'm demigender (she/her).

I'm predominantly an LGBT high fantasy writer, currently working towards self-publishing my first novel.

I'm also big into video gaming. I love me a good story-driven RPG.

I have a very antisocial cat named Morrigan, and nothing cheers me up like a good cup of tea. :)

#introductions #amwriting #highfantasy #rpg #cats #tea #lgbtcharacters

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this is my second #introductions post this week but w/e it's nice to have one per account 🕺

i'm marc! i'm 20 years young, nb (he/xhe), malay/chinese, disabled, bi and happily taken, and a vertebrate paleontologist. i also draw, paint, sculpt, write, rp, web-code, and game-dev in my free time. i'm currently saving up money to leave an abusive home and move in with my boyfriend.

commissions: commiss.io/futurefunkfafnir/
main: @shagoli

let's be friends. i don't bite! o/

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@Jules I try to only boost stuff with alt text, and I try to only post images if I can give them alt text

but sometimes I post a toot that's like "check out how these colours go together" it's hard to come up with alt text - are there any guidelines on what to write in those cases where it's all about colours/something else solely visual?

+ think about making your image descriptions part of your tooting, too. Part of your talking to the internet in general.

There are those of us (yes, me too), who aren't blind but still have low vision or visual processing issues, who can't read most text in images or have a hard time looking at the image and who don't use screen readers and can't read alt text. And there are people who can see your images, but still not make sense of them.

Just give it a try?

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How about not boosting images without alt text.

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Hey everyone! Reminder that the Wandering Shop has a CoC (wandering.shop/about/more#coc) and we will enforce it.

As the fediverse grows, we're going to see more reports; Annalee and I will respond to them as we are able. (We've responded to about 5 this week already).

Second reminder that you can support our work at patreon.com/phildini (which also has some cool new benefits for Patreon Patrons).


I am a broken robot.
Imperfect in every possible way.
And I am a sad robot.
I am perfectly sad?


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"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it is not satire, it is bullying." - Terry Pratchett

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In ancient times, many civilisations rose to domination, then fell; leaving only shattered fragments and exotic names echoing down the ages: GeoCities, LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook, AloneTogethr... All gone to dust.
Who were those people of the past, what were their lives like?
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Lost everything from BP and CL closure. Have been staying in hotels and car with son. Need to raise money for security deposit for apartment that I found.So that we won't be on the street.


Click here to support Security Deposit organized by Lemon Davis

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@Jules I usually don't even boost images that don't have description in the main text, since I can't tell from the app I'm using whether someone has used the alt text function.

How about not boosting images without alt text.

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New discussion in the #OpenStreetMap mailing lists: How do you mapping #GenderNeutral toilets in #OSM? The existing unisex tag is a little weird. Let's try to clear this up! lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm

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For people wanting to help updating/unblocking/adding apps, have a look at our issue tracker: gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata and request for packaging tracker: gitlab.com/fdroid/rfp/issues

You'll find docs here: f-droid.org/en/docs/ and drop by on #fdroid on freenode if you need help.

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93/100: I don't know what i like most in this dragon #origami model, designed by Armin Täubner (demonstration by Henry Louis here youtu.be/nIUXNpeI6_I ): its simplicity, its dragonness 😉, its posture...whatever, it's really beautiful & easy.

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@Jules but i have to admit that probably they meant to encourage me. it's only that I'm not encouraged by false claims how easy something is, I'm encouraged by explanations as realistic as possible, but with good hints how to get there. in fact, when told how easy it supposedly was, I dived into it and couldn't even make sense of anything on any fucking website i read, lol

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@Jules I've been using Linux for 15 years and tech snobs can kiss my gedit

I just don't think this whole attitude is being helpful to anyone. If we want free software and alternatives to corporate spyware in general to succeed, we NEED to make it better. And just throw this "the harder the better" mentality out of the windows... wait, that doesn't make sense.

okay I said my tech piece for the month bye

Yes this is coming from another linux user who has experienced all the ugliness (and beauty) since the nineties. No, I'm not jealous that you are running arch 😆