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Greetings to all entities receiving this message. I’ve come to understand that some kind of is customary around here.

The most clever and short way I can put it is I’m a gamer boy becoming a Linux beard.
I’m kinda lost in life in general. I’m pretty sure I love techy stuff and nature. Thre’s probably gonna be a link to my homepage in the profile metadata at some point so you can read more about me and e-stalk me on all the places if you are into that sort of stuff.


Chickens are just domesticated raptors fam

That glimmer of hope you see.... That definitely not me

Shot out for all of you who wear makeup regularly! This shit hard! I can't even put on nail polish on correctly myself :blobshrug:

Wonderful auroras yesterday! Now on the way back home.

I don't know about other countries, but here in Norway people are always rallying to make young people engage in politics.

Cool, that's great.

But if you want me to actually care about politics, please condense all the information so I don't have to keep track of 4 hours of news per day and read 1000 page PDFs titled "mission statement" just to have any idea of what party to vote for.
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Does fedi play ? Feel free to add me. My trainer code is 3056 4475 2500

Capitalism is quietly erasing the idea of private property. All products are effectively becoming rentals, and the companies can revoke your right to use them whenever they feel like it. It's becoming increasingly difficult to actually own anything. Media is streamed, and devices are locked from the users.

It's hilarious how all the things people were afraid of happening under communism are actually happening under capitalism.

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