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from what we understand, the best 1-word description of entropy would be "information"

we need a weighed blanket that doesn't trap any heat. a fuckin weighed net to hold us down

natural log of two roughly equals 0.69... !

can anyone on here who works in academics tell us some things about what it's like?

pokémon idea 

Lambeson -the armored sheep pokémon

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Look at this Connies aaaa

A sketch by

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we're taking minecraft skin and static website commissions now

the skins can be designed for the ears mod, and we'll convert non-ears skins

the websites can have jekyll blogs and album players put in them

#commissions #CommissionsOpen

-- demon dog 🤍

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#feditips Here are some good first posts to make to guarantee free clout:

"Fuck I'm gay"
"Being trans is poggers"
"We should behead rich people"

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the response I just got to this post over on Twitter is ABSOLUTELY on the money

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Monster of the week show where every episode ends with them enthusiastically learning how to coexist with the monster, rather than trying to remove it and return to the status quo

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btw on Mastodon 3.5 the uBlock rule to block the ‘News’ tab button on the ‘Explore’ page is:

##.account__section-headline a[href="/web/explore/links"]

the uBlock rule to block the ‘Explore’ button altogether is:


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@256 my brain is trying to interpret this image as a shitpost but the fact it appears to actually be a genuine opinion piece from the era is causing a short-circuit

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This is glorious. These are rotary LTE cell phones, USB-C charged, with mechanical ringers.

h/t @RussSharek

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Tfw your grandfather had the monopoly of eggs in all of China and then communism took everything away.

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