lewd shitpost 

dilk (dick milk)


special ability: turns nearby area into a lagerstätte upon death

the urge to look like horrific nightmare fuel vs the urge to be cute


don't count your gods before they hatch

(the receiver would have to be oriented in a specific way though)

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hmmm, just dropped a pair of socks in the garbage instead of the laundry, maybe we shouldn't start playing dark souls right now

how well does Elden Ring run on an AMD card with only 4.08GB of vram?


I? I am a monument to all your kins.

using hypothetical english spelling reforms as typing quirks

(New Yorker voice) Hey, I'm morbin here!

been watching The Owl House, and we've had a lot of "that's a gender" moments

every new thing we learn about agricultural makes modern agricultural look worse

what is a kobold? a wonderful pile of yips!

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