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since is going to go read-only in a few months, we should dust off our account

since is going to go read-only in a few months, we should dust off our account

ugh, the new discord mobile UI is so much slower.
we're not even sure if much changed past it's appearance.

it should be like 1-2 clicks to switch between downloading something to your normal downloads file and downloading it to \temp

major metal gear solid 1 spoilers 

is there a way to go forward without using the PAL key? we had known something was wrong from early in the game (and knew almost for certain we were being used to activate Rex by the time we reached its hangar), but we didn't know if we could continue in any other way.

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Ultrakill (Wrath) spoilers 

Leviathan is a gender

full blown ass-cheeks on snake taurs will never not be funny to us

IBD, Improvised British Device.
even more dangerous than an IED

nsfw, cursed 

"are they, you know," *mimics jerking off a baguette* "french?"

lewd, cursed(?) 

code cum-piler

the nice thing about foss programs is that there are no strings attached to them being free, which is really nice when you can't spend money


snitties and snocks (snake titties and snake cocks)

Myxa is a god of rot, but in a way that is about making things into forms that are often more friendly to life. for instance: how fungi broke down stone to create the first soil

humanity made computers to make up for the fact that arcane rituals weren't real

anyone know of any decent free video editing software that is fairly simple to learn the basics of? we want something we can use to make video memes without much editing knowledge

minor metroid dread spoilers (of the kind present in all trailers) 

the desire to move like an EMMI

food shitpost 

macaroni & cheese made with pepper jack cheese


these things don't do anything... as far as we know. we can kill them, but they don't react to us attacking them, or react to anything at all

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