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@ikrupp 95% messing with you. 5% an idiot whose brain went to radiators when seeing the word heat before remembering what those are for.

@ikrupp Little bit of both. Can't really detect heat in space, but, definitely need to radiate heat. Good justification for getting to say you have heat pits.

Assistance request, paypal link, money 

Hello everyone.
Most people seeing this do not know me, but, I'm writing this on behalf of my family.
@nautilee @Tryn @Siruco @pillowcat @P1L0T

Currently, all of them have managed to make it together and are living in close quarters. Money is extremely tight, and the search for work is ongoing. Until they can find work, any donations at all will help by going to food, bills, and other necessary expenses to get them through this.
Any bit at all helps, even just boosting. Thank you.


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