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Days since i've been a hiroshi yoshimura fanboy : 0

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bilingual pun 

Ah yes, the region of france that looks like a young cat - l'aquitaine

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CURSED cursed cursed video, I cannot with words describe how cursed this video is 


there is barely any snow now, it is mostly rain :(

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Hollow knight - 

or that they don't take kindly to people running on older patches


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Hollow knight - 

Discussions about history in the speedrunning community, talking about how the devs approach to seeing speedruns was "let's fix all these cool tricks people are doing"

-, c++ 

Me when i see that someone has included std
*anguished moan*

Me when i see that it's in a header
*frantic anguished moans*

hollow knight, tas, major spoilers 

So uhm

someone tas-ed pantheon of hallownest

hollow knight +, mini subtoot (but like, positive) 

Seeing someone discover the game and the mechanics and am overjoyed at their enjoyment

music aaaa 

Mail : New release from MONO

music take 

postrock has moved from the "hey, this is cool" box to the "Yeah, this is cool but i wish albums stopped sounding all so similar to each other" box for me

botw, hot take 

Kass is so shit
His text speed goes at snail's pace, every time he talks i want to let the console down and like, make tea or something while whatever he's talking about gets to be interesting.

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Terrible pun 

Being bilingual in french and english means you're a fren

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Jenkar :fire_sad: relayed

if you're curious what I'm talking about this paper does a good job explaining what text degeneration is

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mini audio linux rant 

God the HSP/HFP being the default on debian (instead of AD2P) is just still so much of an annoyance. The sound is literal garbage on that codec

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