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hollow knight, demonic 

There's a glitch where if you do actions that give you momentum into the animation of the black egg door opening, it just freezes that animation and doesn't update them

this (shade soul knockback) is my favorite use of it

hand, chains 

really liked this pattern

computery, a lil' silly, C++ 

thanks i understand it and i hate it

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hollow knight, ++++ 

Ok i think i'm a lil' bit good at this game now

Bonus : fruit 

Also i planted this 3 months ago and they are already producing fruit, nice.

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More flowers 

One of those is maybe "weeds", but honestly? Pretty flowers


One of my plants has really loved the earth i put it in, it's making pretty flowers

early infinifactory gifs (chapter 2), spoilery, you've been warned! 

Block count is best metric

What happens when a lightning is a bit too luminous compared to the dark night for the sensor 

This :

Lightning, lot of photos, no image desc 

and last

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Lightning, lot of photos, no image desc 

Here's what i got from last night.

Some shots were fucked because so much lightning it overloaded the sensor

*yawn* it's 6:30AM, but the clouds are still being pretty

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