Hollow Knight, glitched runs 

Rather recently a new execution of a glitch has been found that can (theoretically) reduce the low% no main menu storage category (basicly, low% with all glitches except the most broken one) down from 8% to 7%.

How it works :
- Room dupe so that you can
- Enter abyss without king's brand
- Enter birthplace without kingsoul
- Have a bench in birthplace (so you can bench, thus having fake bench status) (the poc bench is the one in the long spiky room to the wings area)
- Exit the room dupe (using the "entering" tram transition above ancient basin)
- Get pfloat
- Die in the correct coordinates in another room, so that when you respawn at those coordinates in birthplace (because of the fake bench), you get to be on the correct side of shade gate (so you don't need shade cloak)


Hollow Knight, glitched runs 

- Dream nail the egg, then
- Quickmap for early control
- Float up to near the top
- Damage yourself four times before your "real body" gets out of the ground (four rattles)
- At a very precise timing on the fourth rattle, die on spikes. Your body emerges out of the ground giving you control immediately. Pogo the spikes and then quickly finish making your way up top, to activate cutscene

Congratulations, you have noclip, which you can use to skip the places you'd otherwise need claw.

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