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(glitched) speedrunning tech, hollow knight 

God i love room dupes.

Found a room dupe to get to sly from the goam mask shard room, without having to go through gruzmother. You duplicate the room to the right of goam mask shard, go through duplicated room, fall out of bounds on a lower transition, walk back right through transition, walk through the weird room superposition, do a precise (late) oob to fall on a last transition, and you're right in front of sly's hut.

The biggest major glitch speedrunner had a version of that dupe that's slightly slower (although safer) where you don't do the last oob, instead let yourself be pushed back in the transition and then do a not tight oob. It lands you in the area that has sly's hut, instead of right in front of it.

(glitched) speedrunning tech, hollow knight 

How it works in detail : when you're in a superposition of rooms and go through a transition, it replaces the oldest room. Rooms are always bottom-left aligned.

The dupe path is therefore : (oldest room before the +, newest after)
- room after goam mask shard x2
- room after goam mask shard + room after that (with the aspid) (you are at the top left transition of aspid room)
- room with the aspid + room that leads to the elevator to city of tears (you are at the right transition of the second room)
- room that leads to the elevator to city of tears + room with the aspid (you are at the bottom left transition)
- room with the aspid + gruzmom room (you're at the left transition)
- gruzmom room + room that leads to the elevator (you're at the right transition)

(glitched) speedrunning tech, hollow knight 

btw how to cause dupes (in the correct patch,, at least), is super simple, there's two main ways :
On a downward transition where the floor is close to the transition, buffer a jump to act as soon as you land (and hold no directions)
Inventory drop in a hazard respawn (spikes, acid), then open/close map very fast to regain control. Then, jump up in a transition (sideways works too, but jump is almost always needed), and as soon as you're past it reverse directions.

How it works is basicly you getting control out of bounds and hitting the transition a second time.
In the first case : transition give you control after a timer (except for upwards transitions), but landing also gives you control. You jump, hit the transition (which removes control), but then the timer expires while the next room hasn't loaded, so you fall and hit the transition again.


(glitched) speedrunning tech, hollow knight 

In the second case : you get up off hazard on a timer. but you gained early control with quickmap, so you managed to jump in the transition. The timer expires, gives you control, and you hit the transition again.

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