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(glitched) speedrunning tech, hollow knight 

Learning about how a wrong warp works, absolutely amazing.

Basicly, on version 1028, in the room before cloth in fungal wastes (with elder hu room on the right transition), you stand next to the acid pool on the left, inventory drop to dunk into it, use quickmap open/close to gain early control, then time jumping in the transition to the left precisely so that you hazard respawn while you hit the transition, then hold right. This warps you twice (through cloth room, then down into pilgrim's way (the acid bridge room with the city crest placement thingie)).

(glitched) speedrunning tech, hollow knight 

How it works (roughly) : you regaining control in the transition means your hazard respawn doesn't update properly. When you enter the transition to the cloth room, the game "hazard respawns you" to where it thinks you should respawn, to the left of room, because that was the location of respawn in the original room before the transition. So you are to the left of the cloth room. But the hazard respawn for that room is to the right of the room. And you still are in the transition, so it transitions you to the next room (with hornet), but as it does you redunk in acid (the cloth room pool), and so you hazard respawn to the right, and continue on right to the pilgrim's way room.


(glitched) speedrunning tech, hollow knight 

Also this glitch is very dangerous to do : if you go into the transition too fast, you'll duplicate the cloth room.

This is not a situation where you want to duplicate that room. That kills the run.

room dupes are wild btw

but it saves ~7s

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