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Hi i'm Jenkar i'm a fishy person that loves new music except with voices except very rarely when i find the voice really good but that's rare.

I have difficulty formulating thoughts in a way that pleases me and hence tend to stay quiet, but i read a lot more toots than i react to.

I also say hi, good morning, good night etc to a lot of people.
Also i make terrible puns very often.
And sometimes toot in french.

Anyways yeah that's me. 👋

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Welp, here it is frens, totally everything i listen to and only that. :3

In a few thousand times that i might be okay

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If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - A tediously accurate map of the solar system

Oh fuck.
I'm having a existential crisis
It's incredible but before you go :

It can be overwhelming, really, I'm not joking

Grab a cup of tea, you're gonna need at least 10/15mn I think

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First one in the office. What am I gonna do with myself? Happy #Wenbiesday y’all. (#selfie with eye contact, :boost_ok:)

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Please, if someone tells you "don't call me dude", first of all, don't answer "but dude is unisex".

And, then, don't answer me, who tells you "dude is unisex" is not something I want to hear when being called a dude, that.. "but, you know, dude is unisex" a fucking second time.

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If you want to listen to the quotes, there is a 5 minutes video with them, and it's beautiful to listen to ?

I like it.

CW mention of death and violence in the quotes though.

(Kindred quotes)

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Il est là c'est le premier blobcat !

25e, envoi compris en France.

S'il est déjà parti et que vous en voulez un, venez en réserver un dans mes dm !

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