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Hi i'm Jenkar i'm a fishy person that loves new music except with voices except very rarely when i find the voice really good but that's rare.

I have difficulty formulating thoughts in a way that pleases me and hence tend to stay quiet, but i read a lot more toots than i react to.

I also say hi, good morning, good night etc to a lot of people.
Also i make terrible puns very often.
And sometimes toot in french.

Anyways yeah that's me. 👋

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Welp, here it is frens, totally everything i listen to and only that. :3

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a clone of someone named catherine would be a duplikate

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Ah, yes, the joyful story of:
- Find the bug
- Forget to recompile
- Relaunch the program
- Test
- "Oh no it's still bugged guess it must be something else"
- Spend an hour more trying to find the bug
- Leave for home, defeated

- Come back the next day, recompile, launch, test
- "Oh, it was *indeed* that" :<

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*coming up with so many wordplays about someone's display name but i don't know them enough to actually feel comfortable putting them out D:*

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you can’t necessarily control your emotions

but you can control how you respond to them.

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Gnight fediverse! Sleep tight when you do

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L'assemblée vient de refuser de donner la priorité aux logiciels libres dans l'éducation

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how dare you make me look like a burrito

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So this is it... The last ten physical copies of Electric Pawer.

Thanks you all, you are all amazing people :amaze: 😭 <3

(If you haven't one yet, or if you just want to support me, go at to grab yours. Maybe I'll redo reprints in the future? Dunno.)

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