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Hormones, silly 


Noooooo D: I accidentally unplugged my OtterCastAmp. It had a uptime of 11 months and was still running very stable. Otoh, I was finally able to install the update that had been overdue for 8 months.

It now has such pretty graphics (It previously displayed a console) :blobcataww:

It can record up to four channels with thermocouples or NTCs connected and send them either directly via USB-CDC (as CSV/TSV) or via SCPI. If you use the NTC input, you can map very small input ranges to the full ADC range, I used this as a 4-channel body thermometer (range: 32°C-42°C).

I also did a small oopsie there, all inputs are labeled as „input 3”, so I got the blind redone with proper silkscreen and in pink :blobcataww:

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Having needed a temperature logger several times in the past, after hacking two together for spontaneous testing, I decided to develop a proper one. This is my result. :3

The feminine urge to have more cute domain names. In Otter News, I now own :blobcat:

Caffeine, shitpost 

Caffeine doesn’t work for you anymore? Just take estradiol and eat grapefruits. E2 may inhibits your CYP1A2-mediated metabolism, making caffeine last longer, while grapefruit inhibits CYP3A4, increasing the bioavailability!

Designed my first keyboard :3

It is based on a STM32f042, Kailh Choc switches and features a Type-C jack. It is super smol with a size of just 214x84x17mm, and yes the key caps are hand drawn!



So fuck your tunnels fuck your cars
Fuck your rockets fuck your cars again
You promised you'd be Tesla
But you're just another Edison
Because Tesla broke a patent
All you ever broke were hearts~

Hair (color), chemistry 

Today I repaired broken disulfide bonds in my hair by replacing them with dimaleate bonds using bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. :3

I saw a lot of auroras on my flight back home :3

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