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Have you considered sushi burrito?

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Cuddles in the shark pile? 👉👈🥺

I really wanted to learn Rust, so I sat down and learned it.
Since I often need to convert blood level values (e.g. nmol/l to ng/dl) for specific hormones, I wrote a parser that takes such values as an input and computes the output! :3

You can check it out here

(I am super bad with CSS though /o\)

Noooooo D: I accidentally unplugged my OtterCastAmp. It had a uptime of 11 months and was still running very stable. Otoh, I was finally able to install the update that had been overdue for 8 months.

It now has such pretty graphics (It previously displayed a console) :blobcataww:

It can record up to four channels with thermocouples or NTCs connected and send them either directly via USB-CDC (as CSV/TSV) or via SCPI. If you use the NTC input, you can map very small input ranges to the full ADC range, I used this as a 4-channel body thermometer (range: 32°C-42°C).

I also did a small oopsie there, all inputs are labeled as „input 3”, so I got the blind redone with proper silkscreen and in pink :blobcataww:

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Having needed a temperature logger several times in the past, after hacking two together for spontaneous testing, I decided to develop a proper one. This is my result. :3

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