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I have acquired Blåhaj hat :O

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Someone left a shark in my tent at MCH, forgot to post the image :3
*cuddles the shark*

aaaaaaaand my board works after writing 14½ magic words to an invalid address... Embedded is easy, isn't it?

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This is my attempt to contact a support team about a misbehaving devboard. Spot on I guess.

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I moved three plants to bigger pots, giving them more opportunity to grow and experience less stress ^-^

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Moving your plant to bigger pot but the leaves are in the way? Simply tie a braid around your plant!

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Dear manufacturers, can you PLEASE stop writing magic numbers in your data sheets without elaborating on them? Like address 0x002, thank you for pointing out, that 0x3230 must somehow change depending on 0-12 inputs... Do I need to add them, do 12 bits represent one input, is it even more magical?!
And what about 0x004 = 832? Is it really 832 or did someone omit a 0x? I guess I have to find out... oh, wait, BOTH DON'T DUCKING WORK... aaaaaaaaaaaaa (send help)


So many hydroponics pics here recently! So many, that I have the feminine urge to add such a system to my shelf of :sparkles_trans: plants and aesthetics :sparkles_trans:. But I guess having such a system on a small scale, with preferable transparent chambers, indoors, will probably get filthy fast. >,<

Anyhow: plants good! :blobcatlove:

to invoke a top, one must make bottom noises 👉 👈

Had a peanut butter and jelly Vollkornbrot for breakfast ^–^

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Have you considered sushi burrito?

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