food, vegetarian 

Have you considered sushi burrito?


fintech (trading plush sharks)

Selfie, ec 

Cuddles in the shark pile? 👉👈🥺


But I think that it's hard for people to see
That I love all these girls and honestly
It doesn't matter what you look like or how much you weigh
It's just that these girls know they're okay
There's a beauty in knowing your place in the world
In loving yourself and knowing your worth
You don't have to be perfect or never get sad
That's not what it means to be honey and glass

And everyone has their highs and their lows
The nights they spend crying believe me I know
I don't want to be these girls for beauty or fame but
For the confidence they have in their own damn name

So I'll sit here and look at these girls in the sun
Dancing in the rain and just having their fun
And I know it doesn't make sense to forget the past
But I promise one day you'll be honey and glass

I really wanted to learn Rust, so I sat down and learned it.
Since I often need to convert blood level values (e.g. nmol/l to ng/dl) for specific hormones, I wrote a parser that takes such values as an input and computes the output! :3

You can check it out here

(I am super bad with CSS though /o\)

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